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Sinamics G120 -- Commissioning and operation -- Control via terminal block
SINAMICS G120 (CU2xy-2): Can I also use a pushbutton for control (without relay interconnection)?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): How can I parameterize a changeover between main and additional setpoint?
SINAMICS G120 (CU 2x0x-2): Where do I find tips to the use of the motor holding brake and the reverse command?
SINAMICS G120/G120C/G120D/G120P (CU2x0-2x): If the fieldbus fails, the SINAMICS is to continue with the last valid setpoint.
SINAMICS G120: How can I configure the Inverter to keep running at the last valid speed reference received in the event of a loss of setpoint or a wire breakage when using an analog 4 to 20mA reference signal?
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): Rapid traverse / crawl changeover as shown in a conveyor application
After using macro 17 why can I no longer switch off my G120 / G120C?
Why can the main contactor of my SINAMICS G120 Power Module PM240 no longer be opened (de-energized)?
How can the MOP setpoint be tracked to another setpoint source with a SINAMICS G120 CU (from V3.0)?
For the CU2xy-2 of the SINAMICS G120 with firmware version V4.4, how can the analog inputs be parameterized für 4…20mA with monitoring?
Is it permissible to connect safety limit switches with magnetically-operated reed contacts to fail-safe SINAMICS G120 digital inputs?
SINAMICS G120: Information on using a 230V switching voltage at the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the CU230P-2.
MICROMASTER 4: Can I use push buttons, which give a pulse or momentary contact signal to control my MM?
MICROMASTER 4: Is it possible to switch-on the inverter via digital inputs and ON/OFF1 and switch-off the inverter via digital inputs and OFF2?
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): What is the impedance on the analogue input?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120/G120D (CU2x0x): How can I switch between different ramp times?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): Can an analogue output be used as a digital output?
SINAMICS G120: Is it possible to parameterize the digital inputs of the SINAMICS G120 for NPN and PNP logic?
How do I re-parameterize analog output 0 of my G120 from 0-20mA to 0-10V? How do I correctly scale analog output 0 of my G120?
How can I suppress noise on measuring signals at the analog outputs of a drive inverter so that I can carry-out measurements using an oscilloscope?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120: What is the difference between the control terminals for MM4 and SINAMICS G120?
Are the binary input command functions RUN right and RUN left the same on the MM4/SINAMICS G120 as on previous MICROMASTER products?
How can the MOP setpoint be tracked to another setpoint source with a SINAMICS G120 CU (from V3.0)?
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In some applications (e.g. AUTO / MANUAL changeover), the setpoint is to be changed over from the main setpoint 1 (MSP 1, e.g. an analog setpoint) to main setpoint 2 (MSP 2, MOP setpoint) , without any setpoint jumps/steps (bumpless transfer).

Tracking the MOP-setpoint (Motorized-Potentiometer-setpoint) to another setpoint source with bumpless setpoint changeover from MSP 1 to MSP 2 is explained in the following document. Further, script files for the various examples are provided in the attachment.


MOP-setpoint-tracking_V1_en.pdf ( 1163 KB ) ( 3 KB )  

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