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WinCC -- Operation and maintenance -- Diagnosing errors (evaluating diagnostics files)
How do you use the "SIMATIC Diagnostics Tool" (SDT) to collect diagnostics and system data?
How do you perform comprehensive diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC plants?
What do the error messages "Transfer buffer too small", "TagQueue overflow" and "Messages are lost" mean?
Why does the error "S7OPCIAX" occur in the event display?
How can you recognize resource bottlenecks in advance from WinCC and react to them accordingly?
Where can you find a description of the error messages of the Global Script diagnostics window in WinCC RT?
How can I determine the name of an action via the error message "Execute Error in Action @xxx"?
What can be the cause of the WinCC error message "More than 10000 actions in work" (up to V6.2: "More than 5000 actions in work")?
How can you back up the data of the Windows event viewer?
How do you save the diagnostics data of the Windows system monitor (performance monitor) in a file?
How can you define the amount of memory required for the performance indicator log of the Windows system monitor (performance monitor)?
Where can I find explanations of the error messages of the WinCC diagnostics files License.log, WinCC_SStart_xx.log and WinCC_Sys_xx.log ?
How do you evaluate and remedy "OnErrorExecute"-type configuration errors?
How do you write outputs from the "APDiag" diagnostic tool to a file?
How do you use the diagnostic tool "APDiag" to debug C scripts?
How do you determine the function name from the function ID in the case of APDiag-OnErrorExecute messages?
How do you start the "APDiag" script diagnostics tool?
OS - WinCC -- Operation and maintenance -- Diagnosing errors
Why do you get the license error message "YMAINR9999 missing" although you are using only the license-free basic diagnostics?
How do you perform comprehensive diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC plants?
How can you back up the data of the Windows event viewer?
How do you create a memory dump for diagnostics purposes in WinCC and PCS 7?
Which details does Technical Support need regarding inquiries on SIMATIC PCS 7?
Why are the DCOM settings of the WinCC OPC server reset after activating the OS Runtime?
Why is the message "Network not ready yet." displayed when an AutoStart is configured on the OS?
Why are the STEP 7 ActiveX controls (OCX) not shown on the OS server and OS client?
Why aren't all the block icons updated during OS compilation?
What are the causes of PCS 7 control technology and system messages and what measures are to be taken to clear them?
Why does the OS Login Box disappear sometimes in the background?
Length of mapped message texts
What should I do if the Split Screen Wizard closes with an error message?
Why do I get an error message when calling the loop display of a faceplate?
What is the meaning of the WinCC messages "PLC fault synchronous" and "PLC fault asynchronous"?
Why does it take 3 to 5 minutes for the Login Box to open on the client or until the message "No authorization for operation" is displayed?
What might be the cause that the hierarchy display in the overview area of the SIMATIC PCS 7 OS does not work?
Error Message "Group display: Tag .Eventstate does not exist"
Why does "?????" appear as a text on the range selector buttons in the overview area in OS runtime even though the text is available in the SIMATIC Manager?
Why does the error message 10111001 "The group display hierarchy has not been updated" appear?
How do you perform comprehensive diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC plants?
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Modern automated production plants are characterized on the one hand by a growing complexity and networking and on the other hand by increasing dynamics due to frequent changes of product and random faults. The aim of this diagnostics concept is to sustain the diagnostics options for PCS 7 and WinCC plants through preventive measures.

Establishment of a comprehensive diagnostics concept for PCS 7 and WinCC plants which permits simpler and structured diagnostics of complex systems. Furthermore, automated and uniform diagnostics is necessary to improve the quality and comparability of the diagnostics results.

The advantages of this diagnostics concept are:

  • Standardized and automatic acquisition of diagnostics data
  • Permanent and comprehensive diagnostics
  • Integration of the diagnostics tool without causing interference of production operations
  • The diagnostics data is available as soon as an event occurs
  • Diagnostics of the Windows process level

Diagram of the diagnostics options

The figure shows the tools to be configured.

Fig. 01

Contents of the downloads


Extended Diagnostics in PCS 7 and WinCC Plants
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The tools and files mentioned in the document are in the Zip archive below.
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SIMATIC Diagnostics tool, SDT tool, Log files, Log file, Diagnostics data, Analysis, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics file

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