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Sinamics G120 -- Mounting and Installation -- Power and Control Wiring
SINAMICS G120P: Article numbers for CU230P-2 HVAC/DP/CAN connctor with IOP/BOP-2
MICROMASTER 4 (MM 4), SINAMICS G110 / G120 (CU2x0x)
SINAMICS G120: Information on using a 230V switching voltage at the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the CU230P-2.
SINAMICS G120: What cable lugs should be used to connect a SINAMICS G120?
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): How can the IOP be used with the SINAMICS G120 CU240S, CU240E control units?
SINAMICS G120: Where can I find the dimensions for the screen termination kit?
Why Does the Analogue Input Wire Break Detection on my SINAMICS G120 Not Function as Expected?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): What cable should I use to connect a pulse encoder to my inverter?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM440), SINAMICS G120 PM240: Which connecting cable is used to connect-up the braking resistor?
Sinamics G120 -- Commissioning and operation -- Control via terminal block
SINAMICS G120 (CU2xy-2): Can I also use a pushbutton for control (without relay interconnection)?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): How can I parameterize a changeover between main and additional setpoint?
SINAMICS G120 (CU 2x0x-2): Where do I find tips to the use of the motor holding brake and the reverse command?
SINAMICS G120/G120C/G120D/G120P (CU2x0-2x): If the fieldbus fails, the SINAMICS is to continue with the last valid setpoint.
SINAMICS G120: How can I configure the Inverter to keep running at the last valid speed reference received in the event of a loss of setpoint or a wire breakage when using an analog 4 to 20mA reference signal?
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): Rapid traverse / crawl changeover as shown in a conveyor application
After using macro 17 why can I no longer switch off my G120 / G120C?
Why can the main contactor of my SINAMICS G120 Power Module PM240 no longer be opened (de-energized)?
How can the MOP setpoint be tracked to another setpoint source with a SINAMICS G120 CU (from V3.0)?
For the CU2xy-2 of the SINAMICS G120 with firmware version V4.4, how can the analog inputs be parameterized für 4…20mA with monitoring?
Is it permissible to connect safety limit switches with magnetically-operated reed contacts to fail-safe SINAMICS G120 digital inputs?
SINAMICS G120: Information on using a 230V switching voltage at the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the CU230P-2.
MICROMASTER 4: Can I use push buttons, which give a pulse or momentary contact signal to control my MM?
MICROMASTER 4: Is it possible to switch-on the inverter via digital inputs and ON/OFF1 and switch-off the inverter via digital inputs and OFF2?
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): What is the impedance on the analogue input?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120/G120D (CU2x0x): How can I switch between different ramp times?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): Can an analogue output be used as a digital output?
SINAMICS G120: Is it possible to parameterize the digital inputs of the SINAMICS G120 for NPN and PNP logic?
How do I re-parameterize analog output 0 of my G120 from 0-20mA to 0-10V? How do I correctly scale analog output 0 of my G120?
How can I suppress noise on measuring signals at the analog outputs of a drive inverter so that I can carry-out measurements using an oscilloscope?
MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120: What is the difference between the control terminals for MM4 and SINAMICS G120?
Are the binary input command functions RUN right and RUN left the same on the MM4/SINAMICS G120 as on previous MICROMASTER products?
SINAMICS G120: Information on using a 230V switching voltage at the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the CU230P-2.
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What should be considered when using the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the CU230P-2?

230V AC can be switched using the relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 of the Control Unit. These terminals can therefore be at 230V AC - independent of the voltages present in the power module.

For this reason, when working at the inverter appropriate protective measures must always be carefully observed.
Cables with double insulation must always be used for control unit relay outputs DO 0 and DO 2 when 230V is connected to these terminals in order to ensure operational safety.

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