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Communications between WinAC RTX (with CP 5613) and OP
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How can I connect an OP7 to a WinAC RTX?

With SIMATIC WinAC RTX it is not possible to have a direct communication between a WinAC RTX (with CP 5613) and an Operator Panel (e.g. OP7).
However, by proceeding as described in the following you can set up a communication.

Step 1: Integrating CP5611:
You need a CP 5611 in addition to the CP5613. You must integrate the CP 5611 as shown in Figure 1. Here it does not matter whether the communications processor is already integrated (in the example Box PC 620) or whether it has to be slotted separately.

Figure 1: HW Config in STEP 7

Step 2: Configuring CP5611:
Parameterize the CP5611 communications processor in the HW Config on PROFIBUS address 4 as DP slave (Figures 2 to 4).

Figure 2: "Properties->General"

Figure 3: "Properties->Assignment"

Figure 4: "Properties->Operating Mode"

Step 3: Parameterizing CP5611:
Setting the PROFIBUS address and the transmission rate.

Figure 5: "Set PG/PC interface"

Step 4: Setting OP access parameters:
Open ProTool and set the access (Figure 6). Make sure that Address 4 is displayed for "Peer Parameters".

Figure 6: "ProTool"

Step 5: Checking settings:
Finally check your settings in NetPro (Figure 7).

Figure 7: "NetPro"

For cabling the PROFIBUS it is recommended to connect the CP5613 first as seen from the system. Then lead the cable to the CP5611 (use connector with PG plug). In this way you can still plug your programming device into the PC "from the outside" and load and monitor your program (select Address 4 for loading the program).

More instructions are in the manual "Windows Automation Center WinAC RTX Overview", section 2.6 "Special Instructions on Installing the CP5613 Card" (Entry ID: 7216008).

Version used: WinAC RTX V3.0

Connection setup

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