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WinCC -- Product information -- Checking compatibility
Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology
Important note on Microsoft Patches KB 943459 and KB 971468
Which licenses do you need to upgrade from WinCC flexible 2008 or WinCC V7 to WinCC V11 and in WinCC V11?
Why should you not install the Microsoft security patches KB2467174, KB2467175, KB2465361 and KB2465367 in WinCC, PCS 7 and WinCC Professional V11?
With what are SIMATIC WinCC V7.x, V 6.x and V5.x compatible?
Which Microsoft Patches ("Security Patches" and "Critical Patches") have been tested for compatibility with SIMATIC WinCC?
How can you find out which Microsoft Patches are installed on the PC?
Further information on the Catalog ST80 with regard to WinCC Communication
Which operating system and software do you require for the SIMATIC WinCC Web Navigator V1.x, V6.x and V7.x?
With which Microsoft Windows operating systems is SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent compatible?
Which security patch do you need for installing SIMATIC WinCC V6.0?
Drivers on the SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 and WinCC
Notes on using WinCC V5.1 with "SIMATIC NET 7/2001 SP4"
Microsoft Windows language versions released for SIMATIC WinCC V5.1
Drivers on the SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 and WinCC
Part number:

Are the drivers on the SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 released for WinCC V5.0 + SPx?

No, you can only use these drivers for WinCC V5.1 and higher.

If you are using older modules such as CP1413 or CP5412, then you must continue using the drivers on SIMATIC NET CD 05/2000.

In this case the SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 must not be installed on the OS.

Compatibility; Device driver; Driver CD


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