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STEP 7 -- Analyzing error messages -- Diagnosing errors
In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), how do you format an MMC or MC and why does a message appear saying that the SDB 7 is not loaded?
How can you efficiently collect diagnostics and system information?
Information about the topic of "Diagnosing errors"
How can you clear the error message 257:5 in STEP 7?
How can you clear the error message "Abnormal Program Termination"?
What is the meaning of the error codes (xxxx:yyyy) in STEP 7?
How do you clear message 256:26 "An OLE error has occurred"?
How do Diagnostics and Remedy work in STEP 7 when an online connection with the CP5511 is not possible?
What is the remedy for error message 13:76?
Why does the area length error warning appear in STEP 7 V5.5 with indirect addressing or when using FC100 "SWR_START"?
Why does the message "S7tgtopx.exe has caused an error and will be closed" appear?
What is the meaning of the error codes (like W
How can you clear the error message "Abnormal Program Termination"?
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The error message described above:

    "Abnormal Program Termination"

is complemented by a second message text that refers to a server, driver and/or also a file. The table below describes a number of examples and remedies for the Runtime error that might occur in combination with the message described above and which can be cleared.
No. Procedure
1 When installation of the SIMATIC STEP 7 software is aborted with the error message "Abnormal Program Termination" and the message:
  • Runtime Error!
    Program: D:\Siemens\STEP7\s7bin\S7ALIBXX.EXE,

the reasons are the following:

  • You do not have access rights to the TEMP directory or
  • The TEMP directory is not available.

Set up the TEMP directory in the system root directory (e.g. directly under C:\) so that every user on this computer has full access rights to that directory.

For the installation of STEP 7 you need local administrator rights.

2 If when you open the hardware catalog or when you save and compile the hardware configuration the error message "Abnormal Program Termination" is displayed together with the message:
  • Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\Program Files\Siemens\STEP7\s7bin\S7HWCNFX.EXE,

then the reason for the behavior described might be the incorporation or installation of a third-party GSD file (e.g. syntax error in the third-party GSD file).

Close the hardware catalog and terminate STEP 7. Delete in the Explorer under


all files with the ending ".xml" (example as in Fig. 01). Then when you restart STEP 7 and open the hardware configuration, you can open the hardware catalog again.

Fig. 01

3 If the remedies described above do not help and the error message "Abnormal Program Termination" is displayed again, then install STEP 7 again.
  • Insert the STEP 7 CD into the CD-ROM drive and start the Setup by double-clicking on the "setup.exe" file. 
  • In the installation menu that opens you select the "Repair" function and then follow the installation program instructions step by step. 
  • The program guides you step by step through the installation process. Then you must reboot your PC.

This method should also be selected when the error message described above keeps being displayed sporadically.

Setup, Program termination

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