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WinCC -- Creating HMI configurations -- Configuring Runtime
How can you lock key combinations in WinCC V7.0 SP3 Update 3 and higher, and in WinCC (TIA Portal) with Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008?
How can you have a user-specific, user-defined screen composition displayed automatically after logging on in WinCC Runtime?
How can you increase the timeout for terminating the runtime?
How do you select the path for the picture cache yourself in WinCC and how do you use the picture cache?
How do you start a specific WinCC project depending on the user logged in when the computer is booted?
How can you have different picture to the "@Welcome.pdl" Start picture displayed at the start of Runtime?
How can you have the current picture continued to be shown when you log out of WinCC Runtime?
How can you replace the Windows on-screen keyboard of SIMATIC Logon (from V1.4) with the ProTool keyboard so as not to reach the operating system during Runtime?
How do you identify the local computer name in order to enter it in the computer list for the WinCC project?
How do you avoid synchronization problems with WinCC Autostart?
How do you configure the WinCC AutoStart?
How do you use the monitor keyboard of WinCC?
How can you implement login/logout via a button in a picture?
How can you execute an automatic logout after a time greater than 999 minutes?
How can you configure automatic logout in WinCC?
How can you automatically log in a default user after a reboot without using the Login Box?
With Windows Server 2000/2003, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista, what should you do if disabling the key combinations is ineffective in WinCC?
How can you have different picture to the "@Welcome.pdl" Start picture displayed at the start of Runtime?
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No. Procedure
1 Copy the "@Welcome.pdl" picture and save it as "User_Welcome.pdl", for example. Change the "User_Welcome.pdl" picture as you wish and save it.
2 Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the "SSM" folder of your WinCC project (for PCS7 e.g. D:\Project\wincproj\OS(1)\SSM).
3 Use Microsoft "Notepad" to open the "DEFAULT.SSM" file. Under "[Monitor1]", change the line "Workfield=@Welcome.pdl" to "Workfield=User_Welcome.pdl", for example. Save the "DEFAULT.SSM" file.


  • If you are operating a multi-VGA system, then make these settings also for the monitors 2, 3 and  4.
  • If in the OS project editor, in the "Basic data" tab, the option "Update screen for start up" is check marked, the "DEFAULT.SSM" file is overwritten with default values when the OS project editor is executed. In this case, you must make the settings again.

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