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Firmware Update for DI 16x24V DC HF
Part number:

When updating the operating system, always update to the latest version available for the product and its respective article number. The previous versions of the operating system are only intended as backup to allow a downgrade to the original version. Until now this is not known to have been necessary in any case.

How to update the firmware is described in detail in entry ID 78648446.

Overview of article numbers and firmware versions of the DI 16x24V DC HF:
 Article Number

FW Version

Update with...


Recommended for update:

Update V2.0.1 Description

For STEP 7 Version 5.5

Classic_5211BH00_V201.EXE ( 189 KB )

For STEP 7 TIA-Portal

TIA_5211BH00_V201.EXE ( 259 KB )



Backup only:

Update V2.0.0 Description

For STEP 7 Version 5.5

Classic_5211BH00_V200.EXE ( 188 KB )

For STEP 7 TIA-Portal

TIA_5211BH00_V200.EXE ( 258 KB )



Backup only:

For STEP 7 Version 5.5

Classic_5211BH00_V100.EXE ( 186 KB )

For STEP 7 TIA-Portal

TIA_5211BH00_V100.EXE ( 254 KB )

Update V2.0.1

The following problem has been corrected:

If the module is run behind the PROFINET IM (configuration via GSDML) and a configuration with several submodules with small input delays (<= 400 µsecs) the input data can sporadically be briefly corrupted.



Update V2.0.0

The following new functions have been implemented in V2.0.0:

  • Module-internal Shared Input/Output (MSI/MSO) for Shared Device
  • Configurable Submodule, e.g. for Shared Device
  • Configurable behind the interface module IM 155-5 DP ST

 Entry ID:78649055   Date:2014-09-10 
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