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Changing communication between WinCC server and client in WinCC V5 SP2
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What should I watch out for if I want to change the communication between WinCC server and (multi-) client using the "Communication Configurator"?

The "Communication Configurator" is located under "Start > SIMATIC > WinCC > Tools". You can use it to set the communication between WinCC server and the clients.

You must make the settings on all the computers, (multi-) clients and server. The "Use high load operation mode" option must only be used for 100Mbit/s networks (see figure). You must not use this option in any other case.

If with the multi-client you go via several ISDN routers, you must make sure to use the worst or lowest connection speed available and set this on all computers.

If the options of the dialog are changed, registry values are changed. You must restart the computer to make these changes effective.
The settings are computer-specific and do not apply for the complete project.

Network configuration, Protocols

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