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WinCC Web Navigator -- Operation and maintenance -- Diagnosing errors
Why is a download installation of a SIMATIC WinCC Web-Client not possible?
How can you disable the Protected Mode of the Internet Explorer when using the WinCC WebNavigator?
With WinCC Web Navigator, how can you have a display of which users are currently accessing the web project?
What is the meaning of the message "You must enable ActiveX Controls on your browser before you are able to install the WinCC Web Navigator Client software" and what can you do about it?
What causes the error message "Network request not supported" when starting the client Web Navigator site from the IIS?
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How can you prevent an empty page being displayed when you call the diagnostics information saved by the WinCC Web Navigator from the STATUS.HTML page?
Why, after a Microsoft update, can you no longer connect the Web Navigator clients to the Web Navigator server?
Why is there no automatic reconnect between a Web Navigator client and the Web Navigator server via a firewall or a proxy server?
Why can WinCC/Web Navigator or WinCC/Dat@Monitor clients no longer connect to the WinCC/Web Navigator or WinCC/Dat@Monitor server?
How can you disable the Protected Mode of the Internet Explorer when using the WinCC WebNavigator?
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The "Protected Mode" of the Microsoft Internet Explorer is a feature that reduces the ability of malicious software being installed on your computer. The "Protected Mode" also affects the execution and display of ActiveX control elements used by the WinCC WebNavigator. The "Protected Mode" must therefore be disabled for the trusted sites, otherwise you get this error message displayed: "Low integrity level not supported - please disable Protected Mode".

Below is the procedure for disabling the "Protected Mode" of the Internet Explorer for trusted sites.
No. Procedure
1 Start the Internet Explorer and open the settings of the Microsoft Internet Explorers by way of "Tools > Internet options".
2 Switch to the "Security" tab.
3 Mark the "Trusted sites" zone and disable the option "Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting the Internet Explorer)".

Fig. 01: Security settings of the Internet Explorer

4 Apply the settings and restart the Internet Explorer.
Table 01

Creation environment
The screens in this FAQ response were created with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Security Notes
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For the safe operation of Siemens products and solutions it is necessary to take appropriate security measures (cell protection concept, for example) and to integrate each component in an overall industrial security concept which is state of the art. This should also cover the third-party products used. Additional information about industrial security is available at:
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