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3UF7 SIMOCODE Pro: Length of the system data block SDB12x overwritten
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Why get at engineering with SIMOCODE Pro C / Pro V and object manager at saving and translating of the hardware configuration at STEP7 the failure, the length of 64k of the system data block SDB12x is overwritten? 



At the system data block SDB12x of STEP7 all relevant SIMOCODE Pro slave parameter saved.
Into the system data block of SIMOCODE Pro C / Pro V all parameter data blocks saved.
This has at a high number of SIMOCODE Pro devices (maximum 71 Pro V-Devices and maximum 98 Pro C-Devices) on the DP-Master the effect that the length of 64k and the storage space of the SDB’s is overwritten. Into the system data blocks are too the parameters saved of the other slaves which as S7-Slave (with start data sets) parameterized.

The solutions to prevent overwriting the data length of system data block SDB12x are, using an additional DP-Master in this SIMATIC S7 controller or do the engineering with the GSD file.


 Entry ID:51445298   Date:2011-07-06 
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