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ET 200S (standard modules) -- Product information -- Technical data
Which modules support the S7 routing function?
Which communication services supported by the CPUs with integrated PROFINET interface and by the WinAC RTX via Industrial Ethernet?
Which PROFIBUS connectors can you use in Zones 1 and 2?
What are the system limits in an F CPU for safe bidirectional data communication using S7 Communication?
Which SIMATIC S7 components and which drives support clock-synchronized operation?
ET 200S: Are there special requirements for ET200S when mounted on sheet metal plates?
ET200S: How many motor starters can be allocated to a power module?
ET 200S: How many motor starters can be allocated to a power module?
ET 200S: How many load feeders may be connected?
Calculating the maximum absolute error of the counter module 1Count24V/100kHz (6ES7 138-4DA02-0AB0) when measuring rotational speed
Implementation of SIMATIC modules of the product families S7-300, S7-400, ET 200M, ET 200S ET, 200iSP and TDC in environments with high concentrations of corrosive gas
Which transfer rates does the ET 200S interface module IM151-1 FO support over PROFIBUS DP.
Maximum power load for digital output modules
Minimum distance to the ET 200S front
How do you assign and identify thermocouples?
How long does the input signal have to be present before an analog input module identifies this signal as a process alarm?
ET200S: How many motor starters can be allocated to a power module?
Part number:
Request : What is the criteria in an application of power
   modules with regard to amount of motor starters and distribution of 

Suggestion : A power mudule serves to supply load power to motor 
   It is possible to configure load groups and potential groups. 
   A potential group always requires its own power module.
   One power module can be used for several load groups with a rated current of 
   max. 40 A each (at common potential)
   From the electrical point of view, up to 20 motor feeders can be allocated to
   one power modul.
   A total maximum physical length of 100 cm of an ET200S station is permitted.
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