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Reading and Processing of RFID Data with SIMATIC S7-1200 and SIMATIC RF600 with ethernet interface (CE-X36)
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Task description 
A SIMATIC RF670-Reader with ethernet interface is to be linked with a SIMATIC S7-1200 controller. With the aid of the RF600-device information from the mobile data memory of the RF6xxT series is read and written. The objective is to reliable identify objects with attached data storage and to make the saved object data available for further process steps. The stored RFID codes of the data storage have to be processable at any time.

The focus is on the library blocks which enable communication between SIMATIC S7-1200 controller and SIMATIC RF670R.

Content of Downloads


Library description on the Configuration Example X36
Documentation for the implemented STEP 7 V11 library
46476563_LibraryDescription_S7-1200_RFID_Ethernet_DOKU_V11_e.pdf ( 1015 KB )
Library for STEP 7 V11 and configuration file for RF-MANAGER Basic 2010 ( 2805 KB )

Additional information


SIMATIC RF670R Function Manual Entry ID: 44661579
S7-1200 System Manual Entry ID: 36932465
SIMATIC RF600 System Manual Entry ID: 22437600
RF-MANAGER Basic 2010 System Manual Entry ID: 44474587

Security Notice
The functions and solutions described in this article confine themselves to the realization of the automation task predominantly. Please take into account furthermore that corresponding protective measures have to be taken up in the context of Industrial Security when connecting your equipment to other parts of the plant, the enterprise network or the Internet. Further information can be found under the Content-ID 50203404.

Latest modification
Library adapted to STEP 7 V11 as of SP1. Standard IP-addresses of the library adapted to the Factory settings of the RF670R.

RFID, S7-1200, PLC, identifizieren, Code, ID, XML

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Hardware platform: SIMATIC S7-1200
Software: STEP 7 (TIA Portal)
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 Entry ID:46476563   Date:2011-09-16 
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