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STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 Programming Software - New Version 3.1
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Concerns products with the Order No.'s:                                     
6ES7 810-2BC01-0YX0   STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1, SL CD ROM, new               
6ES7 810-2BA00-0YX0   STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.0, SL diskette                  
6ES7 810-2BC01-0YX3   STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1, upgrade CD ROM               
The STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 programming software for the SIMATIC S7-200 micro    
system is now available with version 3.1. This new version contains several 
new features and enhancements. However, some of the new functions require   
specific versions of the CPU firmware.                                      
New functions for all CPUs 21x and 22x:                                     
- Symbolic information table (with absolute address, symbol and symbol      
  comment following each network in LAD & FBD).                             
- Ability to view the symbol and absolute address for each element during   
  editing and status monitoring in LAD & FBD.                               
- Multiple network cut/copy/paste with both keyboard and mouse selection.   
- New improved view settings with preview of grid width in LAD & FBD.       
- Print preview for all settings with auto-display of current rung position 
  or selection.                                                             
- Ability to renumber subroutines & interrupts from the POU properties.     
- Symbolic names for subroutines, interrupts, and indirect addressing in    
  all editors.                                                              
- Find/Replace improvements.                                                
- Print preview and printing enhancements.                                  
- Wizard support for version 2.0 of the TD200 Text Display.                 
In addition, but only for 221 & 222 CPUs with firmware 1.1 or higher:       
- New operations: Byte Immediate Read, Byte Immediate Write, Get Port       
  Address, Set Port Address.                                                
- STL execution status.                                                     
- PROFIBUS DP slave module support (not available for CPU 221 because of no 
- Latest revisions of the electronic manuals.                               
In addition, but only for CPU 224 with firmware 1.1 or higher and CPU 226   
with firmware 1.0 or higher:                                                
- Bumpless edit in Run Mode (run-time download).                            
- Trigonometric instructions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Log, Exponent).        
- Additional 16 words of analog support.                                    
- Byte Immediate Read, Byte Immediate Write, Get Port Address, Set Port     
- STL execution status.                                                     
- PROFIBUS DP slave module support.                                         
- Latest revisions of the electronic manuals.                               
Special notes on using run-time download:                                   
Programs created with STEP 7-Micro/WIN V2.x and earlier may not have the    
proper program organization necessary (main, followed by ascending sub-     
routines, followed by ascending interrupt routines) that is necessary to    
support a download in the run mode. In such cases please proceed as follows 
to be able to use the new functions:                                        
Load the program once with STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1 in STOP mode; thereafter 
you can also load and edit in RUN mode.                                     
Operating systems supported:                                                
STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1 requires Microsoft Windows95, Windows98, Windows NT 
V4.0, or Windows 2000 for proper operation. This package is not designed    
for use with 16-bit operating systems such as Windows 3.1 or Windows 3.11.  
Windows 2000 support is limited to the PC/PPI cable, with a single network  
master. Separte service packs will be available at a future date which will 
allow additional communication options for the CP cards and for multi-      
master capability via the PC/PPI cable.                                     
CPUs supported:                                                             
STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1 supports all SIMATIC S7-200 CPUs, including the 21x 
series (CPU 210, CPU 212, CPU 214, CPU 215, CPU 216) and the 22x series     
(presently CPU 221, CPU 222, CPU 224 and CPU 226).                          
STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1 is upward compatible, i.e. projects created with    
earlier versions of STEP 7-Micro/WIN or STEP 7-Micro/DOS can be opened with 
STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1, but not vice versa.                                
Projects created with STEP 7-Micro/WIN V3.1 or STEP 7-Micro/WIN or STEP 7-  
Micro/DOS can be neither opened nor processed with STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 V3.1. 
Upgrading and form of supply:                                               
The upgrade software with the order no. 6ES7 810-2BC01-0YX3 is a cost-      
effective method of upgrading STEP 7-Micro/WIN16, STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 or     
STEP 7-Micro/DOS. STEP 7-Micro/WIN32 (V3.1) is only available on CD ROM.    
A diskette version is no longer available.                                  

 Entry ID:4558765   Date:2000-05-31 
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