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New Modular PID Control for SIMATIC M7-300/400
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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   
6ES7 884-1FA10-0YX0    Modular PID control for M7, single license           
6ES7 884-1FA10-0YX1    Modular PID control for M7, copy license             
6ES7 356-4BM00-0AE0    FM 356-4 function module                             
6ES7 356-4BN00-0AE0    FM 356-4 function module                             
6ES7 456-4EY00-0AE0    FM 456-4 function module                             
6ES7 388-4BN00-0AC0    CPU 388-4                                            
6ES7 486-3AA00-0AB0    CPU 486-3                                            
6ES7 488-3AA00-0AB0    CPU 488-3                                            
6ES7 488-4GY00-0AC0    CPU 488-4                                            
6ES7 488-5FY00-0AC0    CPU 488-5                                            
6ES7 830-1AA10-8AG0    Modular PID Control manual, German                   
6ES7 830-1AA10-8BG0    Modular PID Control manual, English                  
The "Modular PID Control" closed-loop control software package for SIMATIC  
M7-300/400 is now available.                                                
Modular PID Control for SIMATIC M7-300/400 is the first closed-loop software
control package available for SIMATIC M7 and has the same scope of functions
as the Modular PID Control package for SIMATIC S7-300/400 and C7.           
The individual functions are supplied in the form of C blocks and are       
interconnected by C programming. Interconnection of the blocks by means of  
CFC is in preparation.                                                      
The software prerequisite is STEP 7 Standard V3.1 or higher.                
The manual is identical for SIMATIC S7 and M7 and must be ordered separa-   
The scope of supply includes the following C blocks:                        
FB A_DEAD_B   Adaptive dead band                                            
FB CRP_IN     Conversion of an analog input value                           
FB CRP_OUT    Conversion of an analog output value                          
FB DEAD_T     Dead time                                                     
FB DEADBAND   Dead band                                                     
FB DIF        Differentiator                                                
FB ERR_MON    Error signal monitor                                          
FB INTEG      Integrator                                                    
FB LAG1ST     1st order lag element                                         
FB LAG2ND     2nd order lag element                                         
FB LIMALARM   Limit monitor                                                 
FB LIMITER    Limiter                                                       
FB LMNGEN_C   PID continuous-action controller output                       
FB LMNGEN_S   PID step-action controller output                             
FB NONLIN     Non-linear static function                                    
FB NORM       Physical normalization                                        
FB OVERRIDE   Override control                                              
FB PARA_CTL   Parameter control                                             
FB PID        PID algorithm                                                 
FB PULSEGEN   Pulse generator                                               
FB RMP_SOAK   Time scheduler                                                
FB ROC_LIM    Rate of change limiter                                        
FB SCALE      Linear scaling                                                
FB SP_GEN     Setpoint generator                                            
FB SPLT_RAN   Split ranging                                                 
FB SWITCH     Analog value switch                                           
FC LP_SCHED   Controller-call scheduler                                     
12 examples have also been included:                                        
EXAMPL01    Fixed setpoint controller with step-action output for           
            integrating actuators                                           
EXAMPL02    Fixed setpoint controller with continuous-action output         
EXAMPL03    Fixed setpoint controller with switching output for             
            proportional actuators                                          
EXAMPL04    Single-loop proportional controllers                            
EXAMPL05    Multi-loop proportional controllers                             
EXAMPL06    Blending controller                                             
EXAMPL07    Cascade controller                                              
EXAMPL08    Loop controller with precontrol                                 
EXAMPL09    Loop controller with feedforward control                        
EXAMPL10    Split range controller                                          
EXAMPL11    Controller override                                             
EXAMPL12    Multi-variable control                                          
The examples are described in detail in the manual.                         
Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any more      
questions you may have.                                                     

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