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S7-1200 CPU 12xx -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Initializing and parameterizing modules
Which settings do you have to make in the TIA Portal to read out messages and status information over the CPU's web server and display them in the web browser?
What is the meaning of the system constants in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) with S7-1200/1500?
How can the CPU analog inputs of the SIMATIC S7-1200 also measure currents of 0-20mA?
How do you program the "GET" and "PUT" instructions in the user program of the SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU in order to transfer more than 160 bytes of data?
Why must you never remove a memory card when the S7-300/S7-400/S7-1200/S7-1500 CPU is in operation (RUN)?
How does startup work in an S7-1200?
What is the connection between subnet masks and IP addresses with regard to subnetting and supernetting (Classless Inter Domain Routing CIDR)?
How can you prevent data loss of runtime-generated parameters when updating your S7-1200 PLC program?
How can you share runtime-generated parameters between several S7-1200 PLCs with a KTP Basic Panel?
How can you change the IP address of an S7-1200 without using STEP 7 Basic?
How can you delete the IP address and reset your S7-1200 to factory settings using the SIMATIC MC memory card (2MB or 24MB)?
How can you download to a network of several S7-1200 PLCs with the same IP address?
How can you reset the IP address of your S7-1200 PLC using STEP 7 Basic software?
How can you reset the IP address of your S7-1200 PLC using STEP 7 Basic software?
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You can reset the IP address of your S7-1200 PLC using the function "Reset to factory settings" of the STEP 7 Basic software. Therefore you need online access to your S7-1200 PLC. This means the IP address of your S7-1200 PLC needs to be the same as the IP address in your STEP 7 Basic project. Otherwise you cannot go online.

Adjustingthe IP address

  1. To figure out the IP address of your S7-1200 PLC, highlight your S7-1200 PLC in the project tree. Browse the menu bar for "Online > Extended download to device..." and check the "Show all accessible devices" check box. The IP address of your S7-1200 PLC is listed in the "address" column.

Figure 01

  1. Change the IP address of the S7-1200 PLC in your project. Browse the project tree for the "Device configuration" of your S7-1200 PLC and click the Ethernet port in the work area. Open the "Ethernet addresses" properties and enter the IP address which you figured out in step 1.

Figure 02

Resetting the IP address

  1. Launch STEP 7 Basic, and open the project containing the S7-1200 PLC whose IP address you want to reset.
  2. In the project tree, browse for the S7-1200 PLC and highlight it.
  3. Click the toolbar command "Go online". The title bar changes to orange. You have online access to the S7-1200 PLC now.

Figure 03

  1. Double-click item "Online & Diagnostics" in the PLC folder in the project tree. The "Online access" dialog window of your PLC opens.
  2. In the Navigation area, browse for "Functions > Reset to factory settings".
  3. Select the radio button "Reset IP address" in the work area, and click the "Reset" button.

Figure 04

  1. A "Reset to factory settings" dialog box opens. Click the "OK" button.

The IP address is erased.

Make sure that no SIMATIC MC memory card is inserted in your S7-1200 PLC while deleting the IP address.


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