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Industrial Ethernet PC software -- Product information -- System description
How can you call functions easily via URLs in SINEMA Server V12?
How do you terminate the SINEMA Server application so that the license is no longer occupied and can be moved?
Support of SNMP variables by SIMATIC NET
Red cross in the OPC Scout Navigator
What should you watch out for in particular when implementing the Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) with the SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006?
General information on the OPC server
Optimum OPC operating mode of an application
Which functions does SINEMA E provide and how do you operate SINEMA E to use them?
What is the connection between version designations of the SIMATIC NET PC software?
What should you watch out for if you change symbols in the STEP 7 project when using the OPC server of the SIMATIC NET PC software?
What are the options for connecting a PC station to Industrial Ethernet or PROFIBUS via the SIMATIC NET OPC server?
What are the special features of the changed startup behavior of the OPC data access server with SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006?
How do I find examples, explanations and further information about SNMP and the SIMATIC NET SNMP OPC server?
Which functions does SINEMA E provide and how do you operate SINEMA E to use them?
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SINEMA E (SIMATIC Network Manager Engineering) is software for planning, simulating and configuring, which facilitates the installation and commissioning of a WLAN network using simulation functions.

SINEMA E helps you in:

  • Offer phase
  • Planning and Engineering phase
  • Commissioning and Maintenance phase
  • Maintenance and Service phase

 The following film shows the functions and operation of SINEMA E including

  • Using the Offer Wizard and Report Generator to create parts lists
  • Creating a simulation for a complete IWLAN infrastructure
  • Modeling an existing WLAN network or modeling new materials, devices and sectors
  • Measuring the WLAN network to verify and optimize planning
  • Optimizing and error clearing using measurement ( 53882 KB )

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