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Touch Panel / Operator Panel -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Setting up connections
Which ports are used by WinCC Advanced, WinCC Runtime Advanced, WinCC Runtime Professional, Basic Panels, Comfort Panels, Panels and IPC?
How can you transfer a WinCC (TIA Portal) configuration to an operator panel using Ethernet?
Why can you not access an enabled folder in Windows XP SP3 on a panel?
What should you watch out for when connecting a SIMATIC HMI device configured with WinCC flexible ES to a SIMATIC ET 200 CPU?
How do you integrate an HMI operator panel into a local network?
Why are not all the tabs visible under "Internet Settings" of the SIMATIC operator panels (only Windows CE devices)?
How can you visualize the current status of the CPU on a WinCC flexible operator panel?
Which hardware can be connected to the USB port of HMI operating devices?
How do you transfer data from a server to a Windows-based panel via the FTP protocol?
Updating tags when a controller fails
How can you have any number of automation systems addressed one after the other by the "Change Connection" function with WinCC flexible PC Runtime or a Panel?
How do you use WinCC flexible to transfer a project to an operator panel via S7 routing?
How do you read the current MPI / PROFIBUS address on a Windows CE panel?
How do you connect a panel to a SIMATIC H station?
Which GSDML files are there for the operator panels for Profinet IO?
Which GSD files are there for the Profibus DP operator panels?
How can you access a Microsoft Windows 2003 server with a panel / PC?
What connecting cables are there for connections between the operator panels and the different controllers?
How is the connection between a Windows-based panel and a SIMATIC S5 set up?
Connection of an OP3 on the MPI interface
OP3 - Transfer mode
Why is no connection set up from the operator panel to the controller via interface IF1 A (IF1 B) (IF2)?
OP3 - Transfer mode
Part number:

How can you switch the OP3 into transfer mode?

The OP3 always has a standard English configuration integrated in the FW. When the OP3 is first initialized, it starts up with this standard configuration.

You change to transfer mode as follows:

  1. Change to "System" image
  2. Select the mode required with SHIFT+CURSOR
  3. Enter the password "100"
  4. Select the mode required and press ENTER

If a custom configuration is loaded that does not include the standard function "Change mode", you must make a general reset by pressing the key combination"ESC+ CURSOR right + CURSOR down" and then the standard English configuration is loaded.
The power on the OP must be switched off before pressing the 3-key combination. The 3-key combination must be pressed and held when the power is switched on again on the OP.

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