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Example blocks for STEP 7 and WinCC
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This documentation shows how WinCC and STEP 7 with example blocks is used for the solution of an technological automation task.

The sensors (binary and analog signals) and actuators (valves, motors) of a plant system represent the basis of each automation project. In the standard delivery of STEP 7 and WinCC, there are no technological blocks contained to implement basic automation.

At this point, this application provides a remedy. It makes useful blocks available for WinCC and STEP 7.
The application supports S7-300 and S7-400 systems.

In the example project, the following example blocks for WinCC and STEP 7 are included:

  • Digital and analog blocks
  • Motor block
  • Valve block
  • SIMOCODE blocks
  • Micromaster and SINAMICS blocks
  • SIPART PS2 PA positioner blocks
  • Controller block
  • PC diagnosis display

The above-mentioned blocks have been developed within the framework of an example project. You can find it at the end of this page.

The documentation describes how the technological blocks are called and interconnected in STEP 7 and WinCC. For this purpose, an example system has been created, which consists of several binary and analog values, valves and motors. The example project illustrates the interconnection of the technological blocks (basic automation). Some higher-level automation functions (two-position or PID control) are configured as well.

The following illustration displays the most important components of the solution.

Content of the Downloads Documentation


Example project 31624179_BST_EXAMPLE_DOC_e.pdf ( 1653 KB ) ( 10529 KB )
Download of all blocks and documentations:
  • Digital signals
  • Analog signals
  • Numerical rectangle integrator
  • FlipFlop
  • AND/OR Gate
  • Valve
  • Motor (fixed speed and rotational direction)
  • Motor management SIMOCODE (as direct starter)
  • Motor management SIMOCODE (as reversing starter)
  • Frequency converter Micromaster (for example MM440)
  • Frequency converter SINAMICS (for example G120)
  • SIPART PS2 PA positioner blocks
  • PC diagnosis for SIMATIC industrial PCs
  • PID controller
  • Simulation of a controlled system (without faceplate)
  • Splitting a control signal for actuators with opposite function
    (e.g. heating and cooling - without faceplate) ( 9388 KB ) ( 3097 KB )
Old release of blocks and documentation (old block interface) ( 116264 KB )




11/2008 First edition
04/2009 Overhaul of the application:
  • all blocks for S7-300 as well
  • new PID controller block
  • new Micromaster and SINAMICS block
  • additional documentation for all individual blocks
11/2009 Update of the example project and of the separate blocks (harmonising of the block interfaces) and update of the documentation to these blocks:
05/2010 SIPART PS2 PA positioner blocks added.
03/2011 Update of the documentation of listed blocks. (Added step for addressing DPV1.)
  • Frequency converter Micromaster
  • Frequency converter SINAMICS
  • Motor management SIMOCODE (as direct starter)
  • Motor management SIMOCODE (as reversing starter)

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Hardware platform: SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400, SIMOCODE
Software: S7-SCL, CFC, STEP 7 up to V5.x, WinCC up to V7.x
Entry contents: Application Examples
 Entry ID:31624179   Date:2011-03-04 
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