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Security with SIMATIC NET
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The security issue is of primary importance since industrial Ethernet solutions and numerous unsecured interfaces are on the rise. The use of standard components from information technology and the advance of Ethernet-based communication standards creates vulnerabilities unknown in the physically islanded automation systems used in the past. Relatively few people in the world of automation are yet familiar with the principles, use cases and possible solutions.

The following overview document shows users of SIMATIC S7 which security configurations are feasible today using the SIMATIC NET product range.
Its focus is to familiarize readers with

  • the basics of security in automation technology in a compendium and
  • to show the problems, use cases and possible solutions with SIMATIC NET by describing several application scenarios.

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Dokumentation (English) 
Security with SIMATIC NET (Overview, Security Scenarios, Background Information


Further information


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Security Notice
The functions and solutions described in this article confine themselves to the realization of the automation task predominantly. Please take into account furthermore that corresponding protective measures have to be taken up in the context of Industrial Security when connecting your equipment to other parts of the plant, the enterprise network or the Internet. Further information can be found under the Entry-ID 50203404.

Last Changes
Application updated to the latest hardware and software versions and implementation of the new security functions.

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Firewall, SCALANCE S, VPN, CPx43-1 Advanced V3

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Hardware platform: PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Security, IWLAN
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