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What support does Siemens AG offer to make products comply with FDA regulations?
What support does Siemens AG offer to make use of WinCC flexible, WinCC flexible Runtime and panels that can be configured with WinCC flexible comply with FDA regulations?
What should you watch out with regard to licenses for WinCC flexible and panels?
How can you prevent Telnet access when using the WinCC flexible option Audit on a panel?
How can you display user actions and production data from the Audit Trail file on a panel?
How can you prevent Telnet access when using the WinCC flexible option Audit on a panel?
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In order to prevent access via Telnet in panel devices of the 27x / 37x series with WinCC flexible and thus possible manipulation of archive files, e.g. Audit Trail archives, the option "Telnet Login Disabled" must be installed.

You can use this option for the Standard and Advanced editions of WinCC flexible 2005. The functions described are guaranteed only if you install the option completely.

Installation notes:
In order to disable the Telnet utility on the operator panel you must transfer the "Telnet Login Disabled" option to the operator panel. As from ProSave 7.3.3 this option is available in the "Options" tab.

Transferring Telnet Login Disabled with ProSave (Standalone) to an operator panel
You transfer Telnet Login Disabled as follows with the "Standalone" version of ProSave:

  1. Start ProSave via "Start > SIMATIC > ProSave > ProSave".
  2. In the "General" tab you select the operator panel type and the corresponding connection.
  3. Switch to the "Options" tab.
  4. In the "Available Options" tab you select the "Telnet Login Disabled" item.
  5. Click on the ">>" button. "Telnet Login Disabled" is now transferred to the connected operator panel. The Telnet utility is disabled automatically after the transfer.

Notes on transfer:
If you transfer an option to a device that is not configured properly, the following message might be displayed after transfer: "Could not execute application! Transfer will be started.". This message refers only to the missing configuration. The option will be transferred error-free.

Notes on enabling the Telnet utility:
In order to enable the Telnet utility again you remove the "Telnet Login Disabled" option from the operator panel with ProSave.

Link to the download:
The download of the ProSave service tool is available in Entry ID 10347815.

TP 270, OP 270, MP 270B, TP 277, OP 277, MP 277, Mobile Panel 277, MP 370

 Entry ID:24460721   Date:2007-01-19 
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