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STEP 7 -- Working with projects -- Creating and editing projects
How do you compare blocks in a multiproject?
What are the requirements for migrating a STEP 7 V5.x project to STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)?
How do you link a self-made online help to a programmed block in STEP 7 V5.x?
How do you display the diagnostics buffer of a SIMATIC CPU with integrated web server on a SIMATIC Panel?
How do you install the improved block protection for FBs and FCs in STEP 7 V5.5 onwards?
In STEP 7, why can the "Find/Replace" dialog not be displayed in the LAD/STL/FBD editor?
How do you integrate a WinCC flexible project in STEP 7?
How can you improve the performance in the SIMATIC Manager and in the STEP 7 project?
Why can you no longer choose the options (Display, Filter, Generate, Delete) in the menu item "Tools > Reference data >"?
How do you save a STEP 7 project as read-protected on an MMC in an S7-300 CPU?
How do you activate access protection for a STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor?
How do you update the STEP 7 hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards?
How can you load projects to a memory card and back again to a PG/PC?
Information about "Loading and testing programs"
How do you integrate an existing WinCC project into a STEP 7 project?
What are the advantages of the "Multiproject" function for large networked projects?
What is the significance of the initial and actual values of a data block?
Why can projects, blocks or the HW Config either not be opened at all or only opened with error messages or only as "read only"?
STEP 7 -- Setting up development environments -- Parameterizing systems
How do you use a controller to load from a VM (VMware Player/Workstation) via a PROFIBUS/MPI CP connected via PCI or PCIe?
Why, after booting the PC or when starting the VPN client, does the dialog appear indicating that the PNIOPCAC has terminated unexpectedly?
How can you improve the performance in the SIMATIC Manager and in the STEP 7 project?
How do you assign standard user and administrator rights in Windows XP/2000?
How do you assign read and write rights as well as Full Control access for a drive in the MS Windows operating system?
How do you assign the parameters of the PG/PC interface in general and what is the remedy if the device driver cannot be selected or is not visible?
Information on the topic of "Parameterizing systems"
How do you reactivate hidden system messages, the position of the hardware catalog and the column for current values in DBs?
What remedies are possible if you cannot shut down your computer in Windows XP mode?
How do you make the settings for the virtual memory in MS Windows XP/2000/ME/NT/9x?
How can you improve the performance in the SIMATIC Manager and in the STEP 7 project?
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The table below describes a number of remedies for improving the performance in the SIMATIC Manager and in the STEP 7 project.
No. Causes and remedies for improving performance:
1 Influence of the size of the swap file (virtual memory) on the performance:
Check the settings of the virtual memory in System Properties of your operating system. The Windows operating systems supported require additional memory on the hard disk (typically disk C:) for the swap file, depending on the memory expansion available. You should keep at least twice the size of the main memory free (recommendation: 1500 MB). Please also refer to the information in the readme file, section 3.2: Memory Requirements).

More information on setting the virtual memory is available in our Entry:

  • "How do you make the settings for the virtual memory in MS Windows XP/2000/ME/NT/9x?"
    Entry ID: 20440472
2 Reorganize your STEP 7 project. This deletes the gaps in the program and compresses the project. This method reduces the project's memory requirement.

Save your STEP 7 project with "File > Save as..." and activate the option "With reorganization (slow)".

Fig. 01

Change the project name or enter a new project name and acknowledge with "OK".

3 Influence of the network environment on the performance:
If you are working with one of the earlier versions of STEP 7, opening blocks, for example with STEP 7 version V5.1 in Windows 2000, can take longer than with the same project in Windows 98.

Remedy 1:
Deactivate the network environment. The blocks can then be opened within a short time. You can deactivate the network via "Start > Settings > Network connections".

Fig. 02

If the network environment is activated, the icon of the two offset PCs is displayed in the taskbar. Each time you open a STEP 7 block or start the SIMATIC Manager, the color of this icon changes from black to blue.

Remedy 2:
Deactivate the "Client Service" software for NetWare from Novell. This clears the performance problem.

4 Influence of the virus scanner on the performance:
Each time a file is called the virus scanner is activated and requires time to check for viruses. It is a characteristic of STEP 7 to access numerous files that the scanner then blocks. Impairment of performance was found in the following constellations:
  • Opening STEP 7 files on a Windows 98 computer with WinGuard (Dr. Solomon's) installed leads to drops in performance.
  • When a block container is marked in the SIMATIC Manager there are significant delays on computers on which "McAffee ScanEngine 4.00.2" is installed.
  • Performance problems can be prevented on computers on which Norton AntiVirus Version 7.07.23D is installed if the virus scanner is set so that it only checks files when created or downloaded and not each time they are opened.
  • It is not recommended to run virus tests in online mode, because using a virus scanner in running operation can lead to failure of the online connection. For this please refer to the notes in the readme file of your STEP 7 installation.
5 Hardware requirements:
Please note the hardware requirements for your version of STEP 7. For example, for STEP 7 V5.4 your PC requires at least 512 MB RAM and a processor of at least 600 MHz. More information is available in the readme file, chapters 2 and 3 (hardware and software requirements).
6 Compatibility with other SIMATIC software products:
Please also note the compatibility of your version of STEP 7 with other SIMATIC software products. Information on this is available in our FAQ "Which SIMATIC software packages are compatible with which Microsoft Windows operating system and with STEP 7 V5.4?" in Entry ID: 18734363.

System configuration, System requirements, System performance

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