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New Power Supply Modules for SIMATIC PCS 7 Automation Systems
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Some of the type PS 405 and PS 407 power supply modules, either integrated in pre-configured SIMATIC PCS 7 automation systems (AS Bundles) or available as individual components, have been replaced by spare-part compatible follow-up types. The order no.’s of the affected AS Bundles have not changed.

Internet document Summary

The table below lists the previously used power supply modules and the respective follow-up modules. 

PS 405/PS 407

PS 405/PS 407

Order No. of the Follow-Up Product

Power supply module PS 407; 10 A
UC 120/230 V; DC 5 V/10 A, DC 24 V/1 A

6ES7 407-0KA01-0AA0

6ES7 407-0KA02-0AA0

Power supply module PS 407; 10 A,
for redundant operation

UC 120/230 V; DC 5 V/10 A, DC 24 V/1 A

6ES7 407-0KR00-0AA0

6ES7 407-0KR02-0AA0

Power supply module PS 407; 20 A
UC 120/230 V; DC 5 V/20 A, DC 24 V/1 A

6ES7 407-0RA01-0AA0

6ES7 407-0RA02-0AA0 

Power supply module PS 405; 10 A,
for redundant operation

DC 24 V; DC 5 V/10 A, DC 24 V/1 A

6ES7 405-0KR00-0AA0

6ES7 405-0KR02-0AA0

Mechanical peculiarities of AS Bundles with PS 407; 20 A power supply module

The previously used PS 407; 20 A power supply module, order no. 6ES7 407-0RA01-0AA0, was 75 mm wide and occupied 3 slots. The width of the follow-up module, order no. 6ES7 407-0RA02-0AA0, was reduced by 25 mm to 50 mm, so that it only occupies 2 slots. In relation to AS Bundles with 6ES7 407-0RA01-0AA0 power supply module, all adjacent modules in AS Bundles with follow-up PS module are shifted by one slot to the right.


To configure the new power supply modules we recommend the latest Hardware Support Package (HSP), which is available for downloading via entry ID 23183356.

With the exception of the 6ES7 407-0RA02-0AA0 power supply module you can alternatively also configure the respective predecessor module.

 Entry ID:23921480   Date:2006-09-14 
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