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S7-300 CPU 31x -- Configuring and programming communication -- Configuring the PROFIBUS interface
How do you activate the "Prioritized OCM communication" function to improve the OP communication performance?
How do you configure a connection between WinCC flexible Runtime (PC/Panel) and a SIMATIC S7-300/S7400 via PROFIBUS/MPI?
What differences are there when configuring S7 connections?
Transfer of analog values from and to the PROFIBUS DP slave
What should you pay attention to when operating a DP slave temporarily on a PROFIBUS DP network?
How do you configure an S7 connection via MPI with the SIMATIC NET OPC server and the SIMATIC NET PC software?
How do you configure a PC station as DP slave for connecting an S7 station (as DP master) for the SIMATIC NET OPC server with the SIMATIC NET PC software?
What are the differences between the integrated DP interface of a CPU (e.g. CPU 315-2 DP) and the DP interface of the CP 342-5?
How do you read data consistently from a DP standard slave/PROFINET IO device and write it consistently to a DP standard slave/PROFINET IO device?
What are the options for exchanging data between CPUs via MPI/PROFIBUS DP?
Direct data exchange (internode communication) between two CPU modules
S7 routing via PROFIBUS with S7-300
Rules for accessing the CPU 315-2 DP on distributed I/O (integrated DP interface of CPU 315-2 DP)
Startup of the S7-300 CPUs when slave is not available
Routing with compact CPU and C7-635 as DP slave
How can you tell whether your S7-300/400 master supports DPV1 functions?
What are the options for exchanging data between CPUs via MPI/PROFIBUS DP?
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SIMATIC S7 provides diverse communication services and connections.
Here we present a selection of options for data exchange between CPUs (S7-300, S7-400). The select does not include all conceivable possibilities.
Usually the MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface is used for CPU-CPU communication.
Please also note the different data and consistency areas in the individual CPUs and services.

1. MPI interface and communication services
Communication services Further information and notes
Global data SFC manual 1) Chapter 19;
FAQ 430498 with detailed instructions.
S7 basic communication with X_PUT, X_GET SFC manual, sections 22.5 and 22.6
1) SFC manual is used in the FAQ as an abbreviation for the manual "System Software for S7-300/400 System and Standard Functions" that is available in Entry ID: 1214574 .

An overview of the communication options via MPI is available in Entry ID: 21537047. A detailed explanation is available in the SFC manual, chapters 19 - 22.

2. PROFIBUS DP interface and communication services
Type of connection Further information and notes
Master/Master DP-DP coupler links two networks;
manual in Entry ID: 1179382
  CPUs connected via CP 342-5;
application in Entry ID: 20987807
Master/Slave S7 basic communication with X_PUT, X_GET:
SFC manual, sections 22.8 and 22.9; application in Entry ID: 20987910
Master and slave must be in the same project, one CPU is I slave.
Slave/Slave (internode communication) FAQ with Entry ID: 1016961

Further information and notes

  • A systematic overview of all communication with SIMATIC S7 is available in Entry ID: 20982954 and in the manual "Communication with SIMATIC" in Entry ID: 1254686.
  • Additional communication services are available in the SFB manual in the chapters on communication.
  • Connection between S7-300/400 and S7-200 is described in the FAQ in Entry ID: 747743 .

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