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WinCC -- Working with projects -- Creating and managing multilingual texts
How can texts be read out of the text library per script at runtime and be displayed in the process screen?
How can you configure process screens in multiple languages with WinCC text reference tags?
How can you configure multilingual texts in process screens?
How do you proceed to translate a WinCC project into another language?
Why are the column headers in the WinCC Alarm Control shown with the character string at runtime?
What requirements must a text editor meet to be used for processing files with Cyrillic texts?
How do you add a new language to WinCC if it is not shown for selection?
Which settings determine the display format of the date in Runtime?
Why can languages from different language groups only be switched with limitations in Runtime?
How can you reserve entries in the WinCC Text Library?
How can you configure language switchover for the message text and caption of the Windows MessageBox?
How do you compile Cyrillic texts outside WinCC?
How can language settings be changed for Eastern European languages in SIMATIC WinCC?
How can I change the languages of the texts in the WinCC message box?
What requirements must a text editor meet to be used for processing files with Cyrillic texts?
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Configuration Notes
WinCC provides you with the option of exporting configured texts into text files. You can then translate the exported texts into other languages and import them into the WinCC project. To process the texts you should use a text editor that saves the texts in the Unicode format. In this way the texts can be imported into WinCC without corruption.

For example, you can use the "Notepad++" program (shareware) to save Cyrillic texts in Unicode format (UTF).

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