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SIMATIC NET SCALANCE S602 Industrial Security Component Released for Delivery
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The new SIMATIC NET SCALANCE S602 Industrial Security Component has been released for immediate delivery.

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1. Product description

SCALANCE S602 is the basic version from the SCALANCE S family. It has the following features:

 ·        Stateful Inspection Firewall for access controll

·        Optional operation in Bridge or Router mode; It can thus be used directly on IP subnet boundaries

·       NAT or NAPT (Network Address and Port Translation) for the use of private IP addresses in an internal network, so that public IP addresses are saved

·        DHCP Server for devices in an internal (protected) network

·       Remote diagnostics via a protected channel with the SCALANCE S configuration tool; The evaluation of log files is supported by a connection to Syslog server

·        Global firewall rules can be assigned for simultaneous allocation to several  SCALANCE S devices

·       Symbolic names can be assigned to IP addresses for simple and quick configuration of the firewall.


2. Ordering data


Product Name

Order No.


6GK5 602-0BA00-2AA3



Product Name

Order No.

C Plug

6GK1 900-0AB00



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3. Application

The SCALANCE S602 Security Module permits protection of any devices in Ethernet networks. Subordinated networks are protected in accordance with the Industrial Security Concept. SCALANCE S is designed for mounting in switchboards.


4. Miscellaneous 



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