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S7-200 CPUs -- Configuring and programming communication -- Configuring communication to PCs
What should you watch out for with the PPI/MPI/DP interfaces if you want to use the CP 5711 with a SIMATIC S7-200?
How do you establish a TeleService connection to an S7-200 via a TC65 terminal as remote modem with PIN transfer by PC/PPI cable?
How should you parameterize a GSM modem to set up a connection from an analog modem for teleservicing an S7-200?
How do you set up a teleservice connection based on MAS 21 to an S7-200 with MD720-3 via STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
How can you graphically display a variable of the PLC via EXCEL as OPC client with PC Access as OPC server?
What should you watch out for when setting up a connection between S7-200 and SIMATIC Panels or WinCC flexible PC Runtime and what are the options?
Communicating with an S7-200 PLC via PPI using a CP5611 Card with Protool/Pro version 5.10
PPI connection of ProTool/Pro and S7-200
Which settings do you need to make to access a panel and an S7-200 controller via TeleService?
ProTool/ProRT and S7-200 with PC/PPI-Cable
Why do you get an error message when program downloading in various S7-S7-21x CPUs via USB/PPI or RS-232/ PPI Multi Master cable?
How do you set the network-related parameters for multimaster mode in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
Which network configuration is typical when implementing the multimaster function?
Which cables do you use for communication in multimaster mode via the COM interface on the PC side?
How can you clear faults in Multimaster mode by parameterizing the COM communications interface on the PC side?
What alternatives are there to connecting to the multimaster network on the PC side?
What alternatives are there to connecting to the multimaster network on the PC side?
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Configuration Notes:
To incorporate the PC station in the multimaster network communication can be made via

  • RS-232/PPI multimaster cable (6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0)

  • USB/PPI multimaster cable (6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0)

  • PC Adapter USB (6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0)

and also via the MPI/PROFIBUS cards

  • CP 5511 (6GK1551-1AA00)
  • CP 5512 (6GK1551-2AA00)
  • CP 5611 (6GK1561-1AA00; 6GK1561-1AM00)
  • CP 5611 A2 (6GK1561-1AA01; 6GK1561-1AM01)

These cards also provide multimaster mode.

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