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WinCC flexible ES -- Configuring and programming communication -- Configuring communication to S7
What should you watch out for when connecting a SIMATIC HMI device configured with WinCC flexible ES to a SIMATIC ET 200 CPU?
How do you configure a connection between WinCC flexible Runtime (PC/Panel) and a SIMATIC S7-300/S7400 via PROFIBUS/MPI?
How do you integrate a WinCC flexible project in STEP 7?
How can you use one and the same WinCC flexible operator panel configuration for multiple controllers?
How can you visualize the current status of the CPU on a WinCC flexible operator panel?
How can you have any number of automation systems addressed one after the other by the "Change Connection" function with WinCC flexible PC Runtime or a Panel?
How do you use WinCC flexible to configure communication between an operator panel and an S7 station via S7 routing?
What should you watch out for when setting up a connection between S7-200 and SIMATIC Panels or WinCC flexible PC Runtime and what are the options?
Which ports are used by WinCC flexible?
How can you increase the performance of HMI devices?
Which settings do you need to make to access a panel and an S7-200 controller via TeleService?
How do you configure a connection between WinCC flexible Runtime (PC or Panel) and a SIMATIC S7-300 / S7-400 via Industrial Ethernet?
How do you configure a PROFINET connection to an S7 controller in WinCC flexible?
How do you specify the MPI address of an FM in the HMI configuration tool if the address doesn't appear in the HW Config and is thus unknown?
How do you connect a panel to a SIMATIC H station?
What settings have to be made for a PROFIBUS DP connection between a panel or a PC with WinCC flexible Runtime and an S7-200?
Why is the communication driver marked "orange" in WinCC flexible when another Ethernet communication is added to an existing MPI/DP?
PROFIBUS communications between Windows-based operator panel (configured with WinCC flexible 2004) and WinAC Basis / WinAC RTX V4.0
How do you configure communication between the WinCC flexible Runtime and WinLC via SOFTBUS on a PC?
How do you configure communication between WinCC flexible Runtime or a Windows-based operator panel and an S7-200 (CP 243-1) via Ethernet?
How do you use WinCC flexible to configure communication between an operator panel and an S7 station via S7 routing?
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If all the stations within a programmable logic controller are not connected to the same bus (subnetwork), these stations will not be directly contactable online. In order to establish a connection between these devices, there must be a router connected between them. A SIMATIC station can act as a router if it has suitable interfaces to the different subnetworks. The modules with communications capability (CPUs or CPs), which are intended to create gateways between the subnetworks, must support routing.
Refer to a component's technical documentation to establish whether it supports routing. Alternatively, open the component's object properties in NetPro or in HW Config. The "General" tab contains a brief description of the properties.
You can find information about which modules possess routing capability in Entry ID: 584459


  • All stations must be networked in NetPro/HW Config, subject to the same requirements as with transfer via S7 routing.
  • In order to establish an S7 routing connection, all the communication partners within a STEP 7 project must be configured and loaded.

Fig. 01   

In Fig. 01 a routing connection has been established between the SIMATIC HMI station(1) and the SIMATIC 300 programmable logic controller. The SIMATIC 400 programmable logic controller acts as a router. This type of routing connection can be established directly in integrated projects. For this purpose, a connection is set up in the SIMATIC HMI station, and the SIMATIC 300 PLC is selected directly as the connection partner. The routing connection is detected automatically by the system.
The connection properties in WinCC flexible show that it is a routing connection.

Fig. 02  

You can find detailed explanations in the user manual (Entry ID 18796010) and in the online help for WinCC flexible.


  • An S7 connection, configured via S7 routing, occupies an additional connection resource on a SIMATIC station which is used as a router. Make sure that this SIMATIC station has adequate connection resources. If this station's connection resources are inadequate, there is a possibility that an S7 connection may not be set up to / through this station. In this case, you will need to use a more high-performance SIMATIC station or change the configuration.
  • If there is any change to the network configuration of a station in the STEP 7 project (NetPro / HW Config), all the stations in the project will have to be reloaded.

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