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WinCC -- Configuring and programming communication -- Communication to S7 (without PROFIBUS)
With WinCC, how can you access tags of the S7-1200 and the S7-1500 controllers?
How do you communicate with multiple controllers consecutively in WinCC?
How do you set the PG/PC interface with a TCP/IP connection in the S7 Protocol Suite?
How do you integrate an existing WinCC project into a STEP 7 project?
Can I use the Slot PLC with WinCC V5.0?
What are the requirements for an online connection between WinCC and an S7 with MPI (CP5611)?
Which license do you need for communication via TCP/IP with WinCC?
What are the options for accessing an S7-200 with WinCC?
How do you set up a link via modem to an S7?
How can you link WinCC to S7 PLCSIM?
Which settings have to be made in WinCC to communicate with an S7 controller via the TS Adapter?
Which hardware and software is required in the WinCC system to communicate with an S7 via a CP343-1?
Which settings are required to access an S7 CPU with WinCC and SIMATIC NET via a CP5611, CP5613 or CP1613?
Which settings are required to access an S7 CPU with WinCC and SIMATIC NET via a CP5611, CP5613 or CP1613?
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Configuration Notes:
The steps below describe the procedure for a CP5613. The procedure applies accordingly to the other cards.
No. Procedure
1 Install SIMATIC NET.
2 Install the CP5613 in a free PCI slot.
3 Start the PC.
4 After the PC has started up, SIMATIC NET automatically starts the Commissioning Wizard and recognizes the CP5613.
5 Assign the required addresses and parameters to the card and enable the option "Use module only for PG mode".

Fig. 01  
6 Create a new project using the Configuration Wizard.
7 Follow the configuration wizard through to the end and load the parameters into the CP (menu item: "Load PLC > Load in module").
8 Set the access points for the CP in the Configuration Console.

Fig. 02  
9 Select the relevant card and open the Properties ("Right-click > Properties").
10 Assign the appropriate interface parameters to the card.

Fig. 03  

If some of the settings are to be entered later, you can call these dialogs again via "Start > SIMATIC > SIMATIC NET > Settings > Commissioning Wizard".

11 In the WinCC Explorer under "Tag Management" you configure the channel for your CPU and enter the associated device names in the system parameters.

Fig. 04  
12 Configure tags and pictures.

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