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WinCC -- Configuring and programming communication -- Communication to S7, use of fast AR_SEND
How can you use process-driven archiving in WinCC for a process tag with SFB37 (AR_SEND)?
How do you use SFB37 (AR_SEND) for process-driven archiving of process values in WinCC Tag Logging archives?
How can you achieve archiving cycles of less than 500ms in WinCC Tag Logging?
How can you tell that WinCC has received data from AR_SEND (SFB37)?
Where is the data archived that is transferred by AR_SEND (SFB37) to WinCC?
How can you ensure that the variables in AR_SEND (SFB37) have the same time stamp?
How can you tell that WinCC has received data from AR_SEND (SFB37)?
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If the data has been sent successfully to WinCC, the parameter "DONE" of the AR_SEND block is set to "1". In WinCC there is no way of checking whether the data has been stored successfully in the archive.

If the data has its own time stamp in AR_SEND, it is also stored chronologically in WinCC.  Detailed information on parameterizing the AR_SEND block is available in the WinCC Information System (WinCC Online Help) under the keyword "AR_SEND: Data Block Structures - Structures and Parameters". Note the examples given there.

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