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STEP 7 -- Working with projects -- Importing / exporting data
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How can you import and use a project created in the catalog CA01 in STEP 7?
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The table below explains how you can export the project data in catalog CA01 into a CFG file and then import the data with this file into a STEP 7 project.
No. Procedure
1 You can use the "Selection Tools" function to save a project created in the catalog CA01 in a CFG file. Open CA01, click on "Products" and open the "SIMATIC Selection Tools - Project Manager" dialog via "Selection Tools > SIMATIC".
2 Mark your project data (e.g. station "S7-300") and execute the function "File > Export... > STEP 7".

Fig. 01

3 In the "Export HW Config" dialog that opens, you select the folder where you want to store your project data (on your hard disk, for example). Assign a file name and select the file type "*.cfg" for your file. Click on the "Save" button to save the project data in a format that STEP 7 can read.
4 In the SIMATIC Manager you open the project in which you want to import the project data from CA01 and insert a new S7 station in your project. You must not configure the S7 station yet.
5 Open the still empty HW Config and select the menu command "Station > Import...".

Fig. 02

6 In the "Import" dialog you navigate to the folder where the project data from catalog CA01 is stored and select the CFG file. Then click on the "Open" button to import the data.
7 After successful import you see the hardware configuration that you configured with the catalog CA01. The modules in the STEP 7 project correspond to the items selected in the catalog CA01. Save and compile the hardware configuration either via the floppy disk symbol or via the menu command "Station > Save and Compile".
8 Then you can download your hardware configuration into the module.

Creation environment
The pictures in this FAQ were created with STEP 7 version V5.4 and the catalog CA01 10/2006 D.

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