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S7-200 PC Access and other OPC clients -- Configuring and programming communication -- Programming and connecting OPC clients
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What options are there in WinCC flexible for using a Multi Panel or Mobile Panel as an OPC server?
What options are there in WinCC flexible 2004 for using a multipanel as an OPC server?
How do you configure the OPC server PC Access in order to operate WinCC flexible Runtime as OPC client?
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Software requirements:

  • S7-200 PC Access OPC Server V1.0.0.56
  • WinCC flexible 2004 Advanced
  • WinCC flexible 2004 Runtime

Hardware requirements:

  • S7-200 communications cable
  • S7-22x CPU
  • PC

A further requirement is that a properly functioning STEP 7 Micro/WIN project is available and loaded into S7-200 CPU.

Configuring the OPC server with S7-200 PC Access

  • Start S7-200 PC Access via Start > SIMATIC > S7-200 PC Access V1.0.0.56 > S7-200 PC Access.
  • Create a new project.

Fig. 01

  • Mark controller, e.g. "MicroWIN (CP5611(PPI))", and open the dialog Status > PG/PC Interface....
  • As access point of the application you must set "Micro/WIN" with the existing communications connection to the S7-200, e.g. "-->CP5611(PPI)".

If the access point is not "Micro/WIN", first close the dialog and set the access point via Control Panel > Set PG/PC Interface.

  • Close the dialog via OK.

Fig. 02

  • Via File > Import Symbols you import the symbol of the selected STEP 7 Micro/WIN project.
  • Then save the configuration you have created.
  • In S7-200 PC Access you can now access the symbol of the STEP 7 Micro/WIN project.

Fig. 03

  • If you mark the project folder "Project1", for example, you can check the address of the PLC via Edit > Properties.

Fig. 04

Checking the connection with Test OPC Client of S7-200 PC Access

  • Mark the symbols in the right-hand project pane of S7-200 PC Access.
  • Using drag and drop add the marked variables as items to Test Client (bottom project pane).

Fig. 05

  • Enable Test Client via Status > Start Test Client.
  • If "Good" is displayed for Quality, the variable has been read successfully out of the S7-200 controller.

Fig. 06

WinCC flexible Runtime as OPC client

  • Start WinCC flexible 2004 Advanced.
  • Create a WinCC flexible project for a PC via PC > WinCC flexible RT.
  • In the project tree double-click on Communication > Connections to create a new connection.
  • As communications driver for the connection select OPC.
  • Select "S7200.OPCServer" for OPC server.

If the S7-200 OPC server has not been started on the local PC, you must specify the computer name or the IP address of the remote PC on which the S7-200 OPC server is located. When accessing the OPC server via network, please refer to the DCOM settings in the WinCC flexible Online Help under "Communication > OPC > Commissioning the OPC > DCOM".

Fig. 07

  • Add a variable under Communication > Variables.
  • Via Symbol you select the relevant item of the S7-200 OPC server.

Fig. 08

  • You can display this variable via an input/output field in the Start picture.
  • Save the configuration.
  • Start WinCC flexible Runtime via the icon in the toolbar.

Fig. 09 

Fig. 10

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