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How do you implement the LOGO! Pulse Relay function in STEP 7 Micro/WIN?
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This entry provides you with a STEP 7 Micro/WIN library that includes a block for a pulse relay function.

The pulse relay (block: Pulse_Relay)

Fig. 1: Pulse_Relay block
Parameter Variable type Explanation
EN [BOOL] ENABLE: enabling of the function, must always be TRUE (1)
Input [BOOL] Signal input, with a rising edge (0->1) the output is set or reset
Set [BOOL] Setting the output regardless of the current state
Reset [BOOL] Resetting the output regardless of the current state
Memory [BOOL] Temporary memory
Output [BOOL] Signal output
Table 1: Parameters of the Pulse_Relay

If there is a change of edge from 0->1 (rising edge) at the "Input" signal input, the "Output" signal output is set if it is in the Low state or reset if it is in the High state.

Fig. 2: Pulse_Relay signal diagram

The STEP 7 Micro/WIN library as archive file
Copy the "logo_functions.exe" file into a separate directory and then start the file with a double-click. The STEP 7 Micro/WIN library is unpacked. You can then integrate the library, which can be used in version V3.2.4.27 and higher of STEP 7 Micro/WIN, into your S7-200 project.


  • Information about inserting libraries in STEP 7 Micro/WIN is available in Entry ID: 16689345.

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