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S7-300 Memory Cards -- Product information -- Technical data
In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), how do you format an MMC or MC and why does a message appear saying that the SDB 7 is not loaded?
Which devices can you use to read from, write to or delete from an S7-300 MMC (Micro Memory Card) outside the CPU?
How do you format or reset an MMC (Micro Memory Card) for SIMATIC S7-300 CPUs?
Why does the SFC 54 "RD_DPARM" not work with the new S7-300 CPU with MMC?
How do you create a label for the Micro Memory Card (MMC)?
How can you read out the identification data (the serial number of the MMC, for example) with the SFC 51 in STEP 7 V5.5?
What points do you need to remember during the handling of micro memory cards?
Why can't I see the values which are transmitted to an unlinked destination DB with SFC84, even though SFC84 is not indicating an error (RET_VAL = W#16#000?
Which memory cards can you use with an S7-300 CPU?
What is the effect of the STEP 7 function "Copy RAM to ROM"?
How do you delete the data on an MMC (micro memory card)?
How can you also store other files that belong to the project or plant on the MC/MMC?
How do you copy the user program from the load memory into the main memory without PG with a S7-300 CPU with MC slot?
How does the CPU 31x/31xC/C7 react when an MMC fault occurs during the save procedure?
Which memory cards can you use with an S7-300 CPU?
Part number:

The attached download shows the S7-300 CPUs and the SIMATIC memory cards to be used with them.

Here we distinguish between the memory card types below:

  • MC (Memory Card)
    You can use an MC with older S7-300 CPUs with MC Slot.
    Dimensions: 57mm x 45mm x 7mm
  • MMC (Micro Memory Card)
    An MMC is imperative for operating all current S7-300 CPUs. 
    Dimensions: 32mm x 24 mm x 1mm

Fig. 01 MC on left and MMC on right

S7-300_Memorycard.pdf ( 76 KB )

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