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S7-300 CPU 31x -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Initializing and parameterizing modules (GSD, Updates)
How can I prevent error 13:76 and 3311 when compiling the technology of a Technology CPU?
How do you have the web pages updated automatically in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) and how do you incorporate the user-defined web pages with relative path names?
Why must you never remove a memory card when the S7-300/S7-400/S7-1200/S7-1500 CPU is in operation (RUN)?
How do you configure the SIMATIC MV440 / MV420 code reader device with STEP 7 (TIA Portal) as a PROFINET IO device on the PROFINET IO system of a SIMATIC S7-300?
How do you connect the SIMATIC Field PG to the bus system to parameterize and diagnose the distributed I/O devices?
How do you configure the SIMATIC MV440 code reading system as PROFINET IO device on the PROFINET IO system of a SIMATIC S7-300?
How can time and date be acquired from a GPS signal?
How can you protect the S7-300/400 against unauthorized access from the LAN (local area network)?
What options exist for assigning passwords?
Master / Slave (SIMOVERT) communication on the DP PROFIBUS
What can you do if new modules, e.g. CPUs, are missing in the STEP 7 module catalog?
Where can I procure the GSD files for my S7-300 CPUs?
How do you configure time synchronization?
What is the startup behavior of an S7-300/400 CPU when you have configured an "empty" DP master system with "Startup when expected/actual configuration differ", but no slave is incorporated?
What are the conditions for assigning the addresses of I/O modules (central or distributed) to an S7 CPU?
How do you connect a SIMATIC S7-300 as DP slave to a Y link in the hardware configuration of STEP 7?
Where can I procure the GSD files for my S7-300 CPUs?
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If you wish to connect a PROFIBUS DP slave, e.g. a CPU, to an external master, you need the GSD file. On an S7 master you can configure this directly via HW Config.
You can procure the GSD files for Siemens products directly via the Internet if the information is not in the module catalog of HW Config:

You can reach the PROFIBUS GSD files: SIMATIC
in Entry ID 113652. The language is coded in the file designation, e.g. "xxxx.gse" stands for English. Please note how the order numbers of the CPUs, e.g. CPU 315, are assigned to the station types.

If you want to include the DP devices in the module catalog of HW Config, the GSD files must be stored on a data medium that you can access from STEP 7. How to do this is described in detail in Entry ID 2383630.

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