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STEP 7 -- Setting up development environments -- Installing and upgrading software
Which license do you need to upgrade from STEP 7 version V5.x, V11 or V12 to the TIA Portal V13?
How do you migrate a SIMATIC WinAC MP project from SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 to SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) V11/V12?
Which SIMATIC software can you install in 64-bit operating systems?
Why can't STEP 7 be installed because of NCM?
Information on the topic of "Installing and upgrading software"
How do you uninstall STEP 7 completely, including all the software packages?
Tips and tricks for installing and upgrading software in STEP 7
How can you update the hardware catalog without direct internet access?
How do you update the STEP 7 hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards?
How can you work with two different versions of STEP 7 on one computer?
Which settings and procedures are to be observed with regard to InstallShield when installing STEP 7?
How in Windows XP/Vista/7 can you disable the message "Please reboot before installing any more programs"?
Why can the current software upgrade not be installed?
What are the requirements for installing STEP 7 version V5.5?
STEP 7 -- Working with projects -- Creating and editing projects
How do you compare blocks in a multiproject?
What are the requirements for migrating a STEP 7 V5.x project to STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)?
How do you link a self-made online help to a programmed block in STEP 7 V5.x?
How do you display the diagnostics buffer of a SIMATIC CPU with integrated web server on a SIMATIC Panel?
How do you install the improved block protection for FBs and FCs in STEP 7 V5.5 onwards?
In STEP 7, why can the "Find/Replace" dialog not be displayed in the LAD/STL/FBD editor?
How do you integrate a WinCC flexible project in STEP 7?
How can you improve the performance in the SIMATIC Manager and in the STEP 7 project?
Why can you no longer choose the options (Display, Filter, Generate, Delete) in the menu item "Tools > Reference data >"?
How do you save a STEP 7 project as read-protected on an MMC in an S7-300 CPU?
How do you activate access protection for a STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor?
How do you update the STEP 7 hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards?
How can you load projects to a memory card and back again to a PG/PC?
Information about "Loading and testing programs"
How do you integrate an existing WinCC project into a STEP 7 project?
What are the advantages of the "Multiproject" function for large networked projects?
What is the significance of the initial and actual values of a data block?
Why can projects, blocks or the HW Config either not be opened at all or only opened with error messages or only as "read only"?
STEP 7 -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Configuring Hardware
Why is the menu item for starting S7-PCT in STEP 7 disabled in some IO Link master modules?
Why is there no entry with the current firmware version for my module in the STEP 7 hardware catalog?
How do you update the STEP 7 hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards?
How can you update the hardware catalog without direct internet access?
What can you do if required modules are missing in the module catalog of the STEP 7 hardware configuration?
Inconsistent system data when removing a PROFIBUS DP master system from the network
Establishing an online connection to an S7-300/S7-400 CPU through several Ethernet interfaces
How can you set or change the resolution of the analog module SM331 (6ES7331-7K..)?
How do you parameterize the communication resources of S7-300 CPUs so that WinCC stations and S7-300 stations do not have connection failures?
Information on the topic of "Initializing and parameterizing modules"
Why is OB82 no longer called in an S7-300 DP CPU module whenever the diagnostic interrupt is called in the CPU's STOP mode?
How can you activate the protection level with a password in the HW Config for an S7 CPU?
How can you modify the data that was configured with STEP 7 "HW Config" for the time-of-day interrupt in the user program?
How do you update the STEP 7 hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards?
Part number:

The table below describes how to proceed to update the hardware catalog in STEP 7 V5.2 onwards.


1 Call up the function "Tools > Install HW Updates..." in the hardware configuration. The first time you call this function, you will be asked whether you wish to create a directory. Acknowledge this request with "OK". Then the "Settings" window opens.

Fig. 01

After selecting the "Show supplied HW updates" check box, updates which have already been installed with the current version of STEP 7 are also displayed in the "Install HW Updates" dialog field.

Another option is "Display confirmation dialog before installation". With this check box you can set whether or not a confirmation dialog is to be displayed before a hardware update is installed.
The confirmation dialog has the following content: "Warning: installation of the hardware update cannot be undone. Do you still wish to continue with the action?".

The first input field contains an Internet address which you can use to access hardware updates. You should not change this address. If you make a change by accident, you can restore the defaults by clicking "Default". You cannot start to download these hardware updates directly via the specified Internet address.

In the second input field, enter the path under which you wish to save the downloads. You can choose any path and folder name. Once you have set up the storage folder, the updates are saved in this folder.

The Internet connection options allows you to choose between "Use browser configuration" or "Connect directly". Use the "Connect directly" option if you are connected directly to the Internet, via a modem (without using a proxy server), for example. The "Use browser configuration" setting is the recommended default if you are connected to the Internet via a company network (LAN).

Click Help for further information.

If your computer has no Internet access, you can also download the HW Update as a ZIP file on another computer and the copy it and install it on the computer concerned. For this we provide the entries below: 22374877 and 23183356.

2 Once you have confirmed your settings, the "Install HW Update" window is opened.

Fig. 02

Set the source here from which you would like to load the updates. If there are already updates shown in the window, this indicates that a download has already taken place and that there are files in the "Storage folder for HW updates". You can choose to download the update from a disc (if the updates are already on an internal server, for example) or from the Internet if the files are not on any of the drives yet. Once you have selected the source, click the "Execute..." button. You must be connected to the Internet at this time.

If you select the disc as the source of the updates, set the path of the source folder after clicking "Execute...". You then need to select and open the file hspcontents.xml in this path. Once you have activated these settings, the procedure is once again identical to downloading from the Internet.

3 The available updates now appear.

Fig. 03

You can deselect updates which you do not require in this window. Only ticked updates are downloaded. In STEP 7 V5.3 onwards, you can also select / deselect all the available updates in their entirety. Once you have selected the hardware components which you require, download the files to your computer. The STEP 7 software informs you when the download procedure has been completed. Confirm the message with "OK".

Close the "Download HW Updates" window once the updates have been downloaded. This takes you back to the "Install HW Updates" window.

4 The new updates now appear in the table. Select the requested updates and click the "Install" button. Here too in STEP 7 V5.3 onwards you can select/deselect all the available updates in their entirety. After completion of the installation you close the "Install HW Updates" window and restart the STEP 7 software. Following installation, the new modules are available in the hardware configuration catalog.

Fig. 04

Note on PCS 7 V6 and STEP 7 V5.2
If you cannot execute the function in the Hardware Configuration under "Tools > Install HW Updates..." and after starting the function you get this message:

  • "Error in XML file [<Path name + file name.xml>]. It is no longer possible to execute the HW update."

then the storage folder for this update has incorrect syntax. Proceed as follows to create a new path.
No. Procedure
1 Close all SIMATIC applications and open the folder [DRIVE]:\...\SIEMENS\STEP 7\S7DATA\S7HWINFO.
2 Copied the attached file into this folder and replace the existing file. ( 16 KB )

Then in the SIMATIC Manager you open the Hardware Configuration.

3 In the Hardware Configuration you restart the installation via the menu "Tools > Install HW Updates..." and positively acknowledge the question as to whether you want to create a new directory.
4 Now in the "Settings" window you can again specify the path of the storage folder or leave the preset path. When entering a new storage path make sure that the syntax is correct.

Fig. 05

Notes on the proxy server
The connection of your LAN to the Internet is set up via a proxy server. The proxy server functions as a gateway to the Internet. It permits administrators to set up a firewall between the LAN resources and the Internet. Apart from this, the proxy server also buffers resources already downloaded from the Internet (websites, files, cookies etc.). This reduces access times between the LAN and the Internet. For safety reasons you should use a proxy authentication in your network so that only people with the corresponding password can use the Internet. The "Install HW Updates" function (as from STEP 7 V5.2) does not support network configurations that use the proxy authentication. In this case you get the following message:

  • "Could not set up a connection to the Internet; check the Internet address specified in Settings; the time limit for the procedure has been reached".

You can tell whether your network is configured with the proxy authentication by the fact that login with password is necessary when you open the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Proxy authentication is supported by STEP 7 V5.3 SP1 and higher.

Creation environment
The pictures in this FAQ were created with STEP 7 version V5.5.

Hardware configuration, Import, Module catalog

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