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PROFIBUS general -- Configuring and programming communication -- Using communication blocks
Transfer of analog values from and to the PROFIBUS DP slave
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How can you access consistent data without SFC14/15 as part of the process image?
Why does my new CPU 315-2DP (Order No: 6ES7 315-2AG10-0AB0) not process the SFC13 correctly?
How do you receive an alarm with the SFB 54 "RALRM" in compliance with DPV1?
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Can you use the "Signal System Error" function, the FB126 function block and the SFC13 "DPNRM_DG" system function simultaneously?
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What is consistent data?
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Disabling DP slaves after startup of the CPU
Diagnostics information of the FB125 with disabled DP slave
Enabling a disabled DP slave with SFC 12 "D_ACT_DP"
Parameter assignment of SFC 103 / SFC 59 required for identifying and reading out topology data
What are the requirements for using the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function?
What are the requirements for using the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function?
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Configuration Notes:
Below are the requirements for using the STEP 7 function "Prepare cable diagnostics" or the system function SFC103 "DP_TOPOL".

With the system function SFC103 "DP_TOPOL" you can trigger the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function from a STEP 7 program. A sample program is available in the manual "SIMATIC Diagnostic Repeater for PROFIBUS-DP" in Entry ID: 7915183.

S7 system requirements

The following S7-300 CPUs support system function SFC103:
CPUs Ordernumber
313C-2 DP* 6ES7313-6CF03-0AB0
314C-2 DP* 6ES7314-6CG03-0AB0
315-2 DP* 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0
315-2 PN/DP* 6ES7315-2EH13-0AB0
315F-2 DP* 6ES7315-6FF01-0AB0
315F-2 PN/DP* 6ES7315-2FH13-0AB0
315T-2 DP* 6ES7315-6TH13-0AB0
317-2 DP* 6ES7317-2AJ10-0AB0
317-2 PN/DP* 6ES7317-2EK13-0AB0
317F-2 DP* 6ES7317-6FF03-0AB0
317F-2 PN/DP* 6ES7317-2FK13-0AB0
317T-2 DP* 6ES7317-6TK13-0AB0
CPU 319-3 PN/DP 6ES7318-3EL00-0AB0
* only CPUs with Firmware from V2.5.0

If you do not want to trigger topology diagnostics via the CPU, but want to fetch the diagnostics data exclusively from the diagnostics repeater, you only need system function SFC59 or system function block SFB52. These are also implemented in the other current S7-300 CPUs.

The following S7-400 CPUs support system function SFC103:
CPUs Ordernumber
CPU 412-1 6ES7412-1XF03-0AB0
CPU 412-2 6ES7412-2XG00-0AB0
CPU 412-2 PCI 6ES7612-2QH00-0AB4
CPU 414-2 6ES7414-2XG03-0AB0
CPU 414-3 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0
CPU 414-4 H 6ES7414-4HJ00-0AB0
CPU 416-2 6ES7416-2XK02-0AB0
CPU 416-2 PCI 6ES7616-2QL00-0AB4
CPU 416-3 6ES7416-3XL00-0AB0
CPU 417-4 6ES7417-4XL00-0AB0
CPU 417-4 H 6ES7417-4HL01-0AB0

You need firmware version 3.1 for the S7-400 CPUs if you want to trigger topology diagnostics using SFC103 via the CPU. This function corresponds to the "Prepare cable diagnostics" in STEP 7. If you want to fetch the diagnostics data exclusively from the diagnostics repeater, you only need system function SFC59. This is already implemented in previous versions. This means that in order to simply read diagnostics data you do not necessarily need a firmware update.
As from firmware version 3.0 of the S7-400 CPUs system function block SFB52 is implemented in addition to SFC59 for reading diagnostics data.

If you do not connect the PROFIBUS for the diagnostics repeater directly to the CPU interface, but via a CP, then to execute the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function it must be supported not only by the CPU but also by the CP.

The following S7-400 CPs support the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function:
CP Ordernumber Firmware
CP 433-5 Extended 6GK7 443-5DX04-0XE0 from 6.1

 PG/PC system requirements

Setting required in "Set PG/PC interface"
With the interface setting "CPxxxx(Auto)" it is not possible to measure the nodes on the PROFIBUS DP. You must the interface to "CPxxxx(PROFIBUS)".

Implementable communication processors
The interfaces Onboard-MPI for PG740, MPI-ISA Card (6ES7 793-2AA..-0AA0) and PC Adapter (USB and serial) do not support the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function.
If you start the function nevertheless in STEP 7, measuring is stopped after the monitoring time expires. In this case the status "Diagnostics stopped" is shown in STEP 7 plus the additional text "Time monitoring addressed".

The following interface cards support the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function on the PROFIBUS DP:

  • CP5511
  • CP5512
  • CP5611

Software requirements:
For triggering the "Prepare cable diagnostics" function that is supported as from 6ES7 972-0AB01-0XA0 you require at least STEP 7 version V5.2 with Service Pack 1. This Service Pack is available in Entry ID 16540057

 Entry ID:17452619   Date:2009-04-23 
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