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S7-300 CPU 31x -- Operation and maintenance -- Diagnosing errors
With diagnostics-compatible modules how do you evaluate a change of the diagnostics status in the user program of the S7-300?
When the CPU starts up how can you identify a previous stop event and process it in the program (even after an overall reset)?
Which organization blocks do you have to load into the CPU to ensure that the CPU does not go into the "STOP" status when a remote I/O fails?
What should you do upon display of the error message 33:8580 "MMC defective"
With MMC (Micro Memory Card) slotted, why does the STOP LED blink on the SIMATIC S7-300 CPU?
Which organization blocks do you need for error handling in STEP 7 V5.5?
How do you find out the status of the stations of a DP master system or of a PROFINET IO system?
Why are devices not correctly displayed in the topology view of the web server?
Capturing module and diagnostics data of the automation system
CPU switches to STOP when a PG/PC goes online via PROFIBUS
How do you get an overview of the SIMATIC automation system and what solutions are there for undesired operating states?
What do you have to do if the SIMATIC S7-300 CPU no longer goes into RUN mode after adding a CP or FM module?
Why does the EXTF LED light continuously on a CPU 300 (V1.0.0)/CPU 400 (V1.1.0) after occurrence of a diagnostics alarm?
Which information is entered in the diagnostic buffer of the SIMATIC S7 CPU in STEP 7 V5.x?
Memory reset request by the CPU
Why does the "SF DP" LED light on the CPU 315-2 DP (6ES7 315-2AF0x-0AB0; x = 0,1,2) although no DP configuration has been loaded into the CPU?
Why does the CPU remain in STOP after voltage recovery following complete loss of voltage for the entire system?
Why does the LED BF2 light with PROFINET CPUs S7-315/317-2PN/DP V2.3 even though no bus fault can be determined?
Why does my SIMATIC S7-300 CPU go into STOP with error 16#4548 "Stop by I/O administration"?
How can you avoid diagnostics problems when implementing dummy module DM 370?
Memory reset request by the CPU
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Why does my S7-300 CPU stop with a request for a memory reset after having transferred a project onto my MMC? 

When a project containing an invalid block or an invalid operand for the CPU, is transfered onto the MMC, the CPU stops with a request for a memory reset.
In this situation, there is no possibility to get access to the CPU via Step 7 or to run a diagnostics. The reason for that is that the MMC (Micro Memory Card) is not deleted by the memory reset, and therefore a new memory reset is requested.

Switch the CPU to STOP. Pull the MMC out of the CPU and confirm the request for a memory reset. The memory reset of the CPU after the pull-out of the Micro Memory Card, recovers defined ratios. The CPU is now accessable communicationwise and the diagnostics buffer can be analysed .

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