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Connection settings for a communication between ProTool/Pro and WinAC
Part number:

Why do I receive the message "160000 connection to control open-loop control_1 is disconnected" with a connection between ProTool/Pro and WinAC?

Figure 1: Message

For a connection between WinAC and ProTool/Pro do not switch the operation to "SIMATIC S7 WinAC v6.0", but to "SIMATIC S7-300/400 V6.0".

Connection settings in ProTool/Pro

  • Select "Open-loop control" and doubleclick on your control.
  • Under protocols, select "SIMATIC S7- 300/400 V6.0" and click on "Parameter".

Figure 2: Compile protocol

  • Connect the PC to the WinAC via profibus.

Figure 3: Control connection

If you run the WinAC and ProTool/Pro Runtime on two different PCs, the interfaces of both PCs have to be configured at "PG-PC-interface settings"(e.g. settings at WinAC-PC: "WinLC_0 --> CP5611" and at ProTool/Pro Runtime-PC "S7ONLINE --> CP5611 (PROFIBUS)").

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