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Restricted Delivery Release for the ET200eco M12 and 7/8" Connecting Cables and the M12 Terminating Resistor  
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The first delivery stage of the prefabricated connecting cables with M12 and 7/8" technology and the M12 terminating resistor for the new ET200eco are herwith released with certain restrictions.

Internet document Summary

The following restrictions should be taken into consideration:
  • Reduced no. of plugging cycles (not more than 50 plugging cycles)
  • No UL approval as yet

The prefabricated cables are now available in different lengths.
M12 and 7/8" connectors for field assembly are expected to be available by September 2002.

Please get in touch with your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office if you have any further questions.

 Entry ID:12607507   Date:2002-08-15 
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