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WinCC -- Setting up development environments -- Installing / transferring licenses
Why is the license not recognized when opening STEP 7?
How can you recover defective licenses and authorizations?
In SIMATIC WinCC V6.0 and higher there is no need for a license for "Basic Process Control"
Why is a WinCC server license demanded although the project has only been started on a single-user station?
Why was the software update WinCC V6.0 SP3 delivered without a license disk?
How do you perform a WinCC V6.0 SP3 license upgrade?
How do you perform a WinCC V6.0 license upgrade?
Why is there a license error message displayed with regard to storage even though storage is not in use?
Which license is required for communication via PROFIBUS FMS?
Which license do the archive servers require?
Which SIMATIC WinCC software package contains the S7 Lean license?
Which licenses do you require on which station when you use the different WinCC options?
What are the different types of tags available under licensing law?
What should you watch out for when using the RT Client or RC Client license?
WinCC -- Configuring Tag Logging -- Parameterizing Tag Logging
How can you increase the timeout for starting and terminating Alarm Logging / Tag Logging?
In WinCC, how can you assign the functions of the toolbar buttons of Online Trend Controls to external buttons?
Why, when you select the curve window with the "Read data immediately from archive" option activated, isn't there any data displayed?
What Smart Tools are there for WinCC?
What are the different types of tags available under licensing law?
Why are archive tags not deleted in the Tag Logging editor ?
What does parameter "Supplying tags" mean for a process tag in Tag Logging?
How can you make changes to the project on the configuration computer while the existing process values continue to be acquired and archived on the customer computer?
How can you set the archiving parameters of multiple archive tags at the same time?
Which changes can be made when configuring WinCC Tag Logging?
How can you achieve archiving cycles of less than 500ms in WinCC Tag Logging?
How can you use process-driven archiving in WinCC for a process tag with SFB37 (AR_SEND)?
How do you use SFB37 (AR_SEND) for process-driven archiving of process values in WinCC Tag Logging archives?
What are the different types of tags available under licensing law?
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Configuration Notes:
When considering questions with licensing law implications, a general distinction can be made between internal, external and archive tags. Only external tags and archive tags count as far as licensing is concerned.

The table below contains an overview of the different types of tags and explains their significance in terms of licensing.
Tag type Meaning
External WinCC tags The number of external WinCC tags is of significance for RC and  RT license types.

RC means that a certain number of external WinCC tags can be used both in configuration and in runtime mode depending on the license. RT means a certain number of external WinCC tags can be used in runtime mode depending on the license. Configuration can be limited with an RT license to max. one hour in "demo mode".

Internal WinCC tags Internal WinCC tags are of no significance to licensing.
Archive tags The number of archive tags is only of significance in connection with the licenses for WinCC archive power packs.


  • Licenses for WinCC archive power packs have been introduced since WinCC version V6. Archive tags were of no significance to licensing in earlier versions of WinCC.
  • From WinCC version V6.0.0.3 licenses for WinCC archive power packs are only necessary for the runtime mode of an archive configuration with more than 512 archive tags. You can also configure more than 512 archive tags without this license in CS without "demo mode".
  • Since WinCC version V6.0 SP3, archive tags in compressed archives have no longer been of significance to licensing.

If, for example, you have installed an RC128 PowerTags license on your computer, you can configure 128 external tags and use them in runtime. If you create an instance tag for a type of structure with five external structural elements, five external tags are created which count according to the license. 

A raw data tag counts as one external tag. It uses a counter irrespective of its size.

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