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communication from the TP170B via an S7-300 to the Micromaster 420
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How can I trigger a motor on a Micromaster from the Touch Panel TP170B? 

To trigger the Micromaster you need a CPU that can transfer the data to the Micromaster.
The following configuration results:

The speed is to be transferred from the TP to the CPU. There you calculate the ratio from the synchronous speed and the desired setpoint speed of the motor. The percent speed is now multiplied by the value 16384 (16384 dec = 4000 hex). Then you transfer the percent value to the Micromaster. 
To display the actual value, the percent value is read in from the Micromaster and the actual speed calculated. Divide the value by 16384 decimal (4000 hexadecimal) and set it in ratio to the setpoint speed. Now you can display it as actual speed in the TP. 

Since the real speed of the motor cannot be acquired by the inverter, you can only measure the actual speed with a tachometer. Now start your motor. Transfer the relevant bit pattern to the Micromaster. More information on this is available in the operating instructions for the MICROMASTER PROFIBUS Option Module in Entry ID 6586565. Create the relevant pictures and tags in ProTool. 

The example contains a STEP 7 V5.1 project with a CPU 315-2DP and a Touch Panel TP 170B. It was created with STEP 7 V5.1 SP2 HF3 and ProTool CS V6.
For users of ProTool CS V5.0 the download also contains a project of ProTool Version V5.0. This is documented in German only.
The program contains an OB, FC and DB, a variables table and a configuration for the TP 170B.
You can adapt the program as you wish to meet your requirements.


Copy the "mmtp.exe" file into a separate directory and then start the file with a double-click. The STEP 7 project is unpacked automatically with all the associated subdirectories. Then you can use the SIMATIC Manager to open and process the unpacked project. 


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