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WinCC -- Working with projects -- Creating and editing projects
How can you prevent operations or value changes being made simultaneously by multiple WinCC clients?
How do you use a monitor with a 1680x1050 pixel resolution with the OS project editor in WinCC?
How do you integrate an existing WinCC project into a STEP 7 project?
How do you activate access protection for a STEP 7 project and set up a user as project editor?
How do you rename WinCC projects?
In WinCC, how do you activate and deactivate the global color and global shadow for all objects in a picture?
How can you reduce the size of the transaction file (*.LDF) of the database of a WinCC project?
Change the name of a project in the database
Setting configuration to "not activated" in the database
What should you watch out for in particular when using the WinCC Project Duplicator with downtime monitors and process monitors?
What options does the WinCC Project Duplicator provide for creating a redundant server project?
Why can no OS be inserted in the SIMATIC Manager when using STEP 7 V5.2 and WinCC V5.1?
What should you watch out for when duplicating a project from a multi-client computer to another multi-client computer?
How can you use other mouse pointers than the ones set by default in WinCC V5.x Runtime?
How can you dynamize your mouse pointers from SIMATIC WinCC?
How can you use user defined colors from an existing WinCC project in another or a new WinCC project?
Modifying the color of the RT- cursor
Which criteria apply to the name of a WinCC project?
Setting configuration to "not activated" in the database
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How can you set the status of a configuration to "not activated" outside WinCC?

If you can no longer start up a configuration in activated status, then this can be put into the inactivated status by executing the following commands.

Generally no responsibility shall be taken for any changes made directly to the configuration database, as this is the responsibility of the user. In any case it is recommended to make a back-up of the configuration database (<configurationname>.DB) before accessing as follows:

  1. Start the application "ISQL.EXE" using "Execute" in the task bar.
  2. Under the menu item Command CONNECT the user must log in to the database:
    ID: dba
    Login: sql
    Database file: here you must enter the database file with full path name.
  3. If a connection has been set up to the database, you must enter the following commands in the "Command" window and run each one using "EXECUTE".

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