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Migration Tool for TIA Portal
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In many cases a project which you wish to migrate may not be located on the same PG/PC on which the TIA Portal  is installed. For this reason the initial project must first be converted into a format that is compatible for the migration. Thereafter you can copy the migration file to the PG or PC with the current installation of the TIA Portal. There you can then import the file to the TIA Portal and create a project in the current file format of the TIA Portal.


To carry out a migration without the initial software, the following preparatory steps are necessary:

  • Install the migration tool referenced for download below on the PG/PC with the source project.
  • Start the migration tool and use it to convert the source project into the migration file format with the file ending ".apxx".
  • Please ensure that the complete software necessary for processing the source project is installed on the PG/PC. This includes all necessary Service Packs, Hardware-Support Packages and the complete expansion software required for processing the initial project. If the individual products are not installed, the migration can either not be executed at all, or only in parts.
  • Copy the migration file to the target system with the current installation of the TIA Portal.
  • Please note that the target hardware must have all the software installed that is necessary for configuration of all the devices contained in the migration file.
  • Execute the migration within the TIA Portal and specify the migration file as source.
  • Check the log file after the migration and systematically work through the remarks referenced in the newly created project. After the first compilation of the configuration take particular note of the remarks in the inspector window.

Supported software products

The migration tool supports the migration of the following projects:

  • STEP 7 Professional 2010
  • STEP 7 V5.5
  • WinCC V7.0
  • WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 / SP3
  • Distributed Safety V5.4

Download Migration Tool

  • The Migration Tool is included on every STEP7 Prof / WinCC Comfort / WinCC Adv. or WinCC Prof. DVD in the following folder:
  • Alternatively you can also download the Migration Tool with a free Trial Version of a TIA Portal product.
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