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Helix milling with ShopTurn 6.4 
JobShop, description of work offsets from the part program. 
Undefined Changes of MD 34090. 
Speed setting from 2 channels. 
How are PLC machine data (MD14504/14506/14508) set at the SINUMERIK 840D? 

Helix milling with ShopTurn 6.4Go to beginning
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How is a helix milled from the face side with ShopTurn?

Proceed as follows:
The ShopTurn contour calculator is used to program a circle on the face side (plane G17) that has the diameter of the required helix.

Specify the infeed in Z in the free input box of the contour element.
Important: Not only the Z coordinate, but also the coordinates for X and Y, are entered in this free input box.
The helix cannot be milled unless all coordinates are entered for the axes.

The programmed helix will also be displayed in the simulation.

If the production of the helix also requires a defined retraction of the tool, this will be realized with the input of a subsequent contour element.
JobShop, description of work offsets from the part program.Go to beginning
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How can work offsets from a part program be described?

Work offsets can be described via the ShopMill/ShopTurn user interface in the "Tools/Zero - Work offset" screen form, but these forms cannot be integrated into a part program.

Work offsets can be described from a part program in a G code block with the following syntax:



$P_UIFR[0]=CTRANS(X,10) ==> G500 X axis 10mm
$P_UIFR[1]=CTRANS(Y,20) ==> G54 Y axis 20mm
$P_UIFR[2]=CTRANS(Z,30) ==> G55 Z axis 30mm

$P_UIFR[1]=CTRANS(X,10,Y,20,Z,30) ==> G54 X, Y and Z axis

$P_UIFR[npv]=CTRANS() deletes all values (offsets and rotations) in all axes of the progr. offset (npv).
$P_UIFR[npv]=CTRANS(X,value) describes the offset in the X axis, the offsets in further axes as well as all rotations are deleted.
Undefined Changes of MD 34090.Go to beginning
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Why do undefined changes occur to MD 34090 of a rotary (modulo) axis?

In certain situations, the controller autonomously changes this value (modulo compensation).
For example, this can happen during Power On/Off, but also in other situations if the controller wants to correct the modulo value, e.g. because the measuring range limit of the encoder is exceeded.

Normal behavior !!!

Speed setting from 2 channels.Go to beginning
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The speed specified for a lathe equipped with one main spindle and two supports being operated alternately depends on the machining diameter being used by the active support. Each support is located in a separate channel.

The spindle must be specified for both channels (MD20070).The spindle machine data 30552 must be set to 2 (automatic GETD).

The speed for the jointly used spindle can thus be specified from both channels.

M3/M4 has to be programmed in the part program of the respective channel where the spindle is accessed.

Program example for “Speed setting from 2 channels, see appendix.

example_2-channels.pdf ( 13 KB )

How are PLC machine data (MD14504/14506/14508) set at the SINUMERIK 840D?Go to beginning
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What is the procedure when activating the PLC machine data in the NC?

Refer to the Attachment

PLC_machine_data-ENU.pdf ( 656 KB )
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