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Industrial Ethernet S7-300/400 CPs -- Setting up and parameterizing hardware -- Initializing and parameterizing modules
Why is there no entry with the current firmware version for my module in the STEP 7 hardware catalog?
What should you watch out for when a MAC address is entered for the PROFINET interface or GBIT interface in the configuration of the Industrial Ethernet CP343-1/CP443-1?
How do you configure a shared device when you are using a CPx43-1 Advanced as PROFINET IO controller and the GBIT interface of the module is networked?
Which "local_device_id" do you parameterize in order to establish a connection to FB65 "TCON" for open communication via Industrial Ethernet?
Which Industrial Ethernet CPs support the DHCP Option 12 (Host Name) and how do you configure the DHCP Option 12?
What should you watch out for when parameterizing the watchdog time when a ring redundancy is established with the Media Redundancy Protocol?
How do you use an Industrial Ethernet CP or SCALANCE S as a gateway?
How do you disable the "Link Layer Discovery Protocol" function at the ports of an IE CP of S7-300 or S7-400?
Where can you find sample S7 programs and documentation for communication via gateways and network components, and for security in networks on the SIMATIC NET Quick Start Collection?
What should you watch out for when operating a CP443-1EX20 V2.0 on a CPU V5.1?
Changing the configuration data of users for CP 343-1 IT and CP 443-1 IT
Loading the configuration via LAN into the IE-CP in "STOP" mode
Special points when setting the LAN medium for Industrial Ethernet CPs
Starting up automation systems with Industrial Ethernet without previous node initiation via MPI
Rejected diagnostics connection via TCP/IP protocol after changing the MAC address
Establishing an online connection to an S7-300/S7-400 CPU through several Ethernet interfaces
What should you pay attention to when formatting the file system in the S7-300 and S7-400 Industrial Ethernet CPs?
What should you watch out for when replacing the CP443-1 (6GK7443-1EX11-0XE0) with a CP443-1 (6GK7443-1EX20-0XE0 V1.0) in STEP 7 V5.4 SP3?
What is the meaning of the configuration option "Activate Web server" with CP443-1 EX20?
Why with CP443-1 Advanced is a different firmware version than the module displayed in the C-PLUG info text in the NCM S7 Diagnostics?
Which options are available for assigning the PROFINET IO controller a new IP address?
How can you configure an S7 CP during runtime?
How do you disable the S7 routing functions?
Which manufacturer ID, in other words OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier), does SIEMENS AG use for the MAC addresses of network-compatible devices?
How can you protect the S7-300/400 against unauthorized access from the LAN (local area network)?
What should you watch out for when using the function block FB55 "IP_CONFIG" to configure an Industrial Ethernet CP?
Why are some of the newer versions of the names of SIMATIC NET modules not used in the hardware catalog?
Why can't my SIMATIC S7-300 Ethernet CP run as many S7 communication connections as specified?
How does connection multiplexing work and how do you configure it for SIMATIC S7-300 Ethernet CPs?
What should you pay attention to when formatting the file system in the S7-300 and S7-400 Industrial Ethernet CPs?
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The file system is for storing HTML files, applets and other user-specific files. The relevant files can be transferred to the modules by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The file system is supplied from the factory filled with default files. If you intend to delete the whole file system and start again in the output status, you can start formatting with the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) with the following command as described in the device manual:

http://<IP address>/__FSys_Format
With this command you must observe uppercase and lowercase lettering.

The following prompt for input is displayed after the command has been executed.

Fig. 01: Input prompt after http://<IP address>/__FSys_Format

Access to the FTP file system is protected by relevant rights and a password to prevent unauthorized manipulation of the FTP file system. For this reason, you must configure a user with appropriate rights in the STEP 7 configuration, who is permitted to access the FTP file system.

The user needs at least the following authorization:

  • Access with FTP to files in the S7 station.

Configuring a user:
In the following we configure a user with administrator rights in the STEP 7 configuration. In the Hardware Configuration you open the Properties dialog of the Industrial Ethernet CP. Switch to the "Users" tab. Click the "Add..." button to create the new user.

Fig. 02: Properties dialog IE CP -> "Users" tab

In the following dialog you enter the user name for the user. As administrator, the users receives authorization for all possible functions. Click the "Password" button.

Fig. 03: Defining user rights

Define the password for the user just added.

Fig. 04: Defining a password

The user is activated automatically when the configuration is downloaded from STEP 7. Entering the relevant password provides unlimited access.

Installing a new FTP file system:
After formatting, the file system is completely empty. This means that also factory-installed files are no longer available.
The file systems for the IE IT and Advanced CPs are available for downloading in the Entry IDs listed below. After downloading, you must transfer the files to the Industrial Ethernet CP by FTP.
CP343-1 IT 6GK7343-1GX11-0XE0 9970816
CP343-1 Advanced 6GK7343-1GX21-0XE0 19026376
CP343-1 Advanced 6GK7343-1GX30-0XE0 37724805
CP443-1 IT 6GK7443-1GX11-0XE0 9970816
CP443-1 Advanced 6GK7443-1EX40-0XE0 19280136
CP443-1 Advanced 6GK7443-1EX41-0XE0 36843304
CP443-1 Advanced 6GK7443-1GX20-0XE0 36842095

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